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A Week in Review (July 13-19)

A Week in Review (July 13-19)

Watched: Jack have a blast exploring Sea Life and then playing at Lego land.  I'm not sure how the Lego land can captivate him so, but he can spend hours just racing his cars.  

Read: I finished up The Silkworm ( It helped having all the alone time at the airport and on the plane. I found it to be much easier to read because I was already familiar with the characters and the writing style. If you like mystery novels, I would suggest giving the series a try. I did get notice that one of the books from my hold shelf came off. I am wondering if I can challenge myself to finish it 2.5 days. Seems doubtful, but I'll try.  Maybe if I can't finish it, I'll just send it back media mail to one of my Olathe friends and they can return it for me.  Because I still have two and half days of travel, I started The Diary of Mattie Spenser (

Listened: To the sound of Barley's bark. Not being around it for a week really made me realize how much I missed walking into his baying at the house.  I felt he has lost even more weight, but Nick says that I am wrong. 

Made: The drive to go fishing at Uncle Kevin and Aunt Debbie's pond, which I call, "Every cast is a winner". We had so much fun competing with each other to see who could reel more fish in. They didn't count unless you got them on the boat. Jack started out slow, but ended up beating me by 1. My thumb got all roughed up from taking off the fish. I doubt that I took less than 30 fish off the hooks in 2 hours time. And Uncle Kevin had as beat, but he didn't count his. ;). We were so thankful that he took the time out of his weekend to take us out on the water. 

Felt: Loved. I went out to lunch with the ladies from work on Tuesday and they had put together a very nice bag of goodies including some cute decorating items and coupons and a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If only I could bring them with me so they could help me figure out ways to make my home look cute.  Later that same day, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Debbie visited to take us to Chuck E Cheese. Uncle Kevin and Jack tied getting twelve tickets on Deal or No Deal.  Aunt Debbie whooped him at Air Hockey. She's got some skills. :) We also went to Sugar Rush to celebrate Jack's half birthday and Debbie's birthday which was Monday. We came home and played some Wii Party. In an unlikely turn of events, Uncle Kevin who was at the top for two knocks, ended up being the biggest loser.  As they were leaving, Aunt Debbie informed me there was a card on the table for me. It was such a nice note and I still have tears well up when I think about how much it meant for her to write it.  Tuesday was just more proof about how much I am going to miss Kansas!

Planned: On a nice mid week trip to Worlds of Fun. Usually when we go, it's very quiet, but this time there were so many people there. I have never seen it be that busy or stay that busy. We had waits at every ride we went on. I was blown away. We actually had to leave the park in the middle because Jack was so bothered by the crowd. We found a great little spot called Waterfall Park and that really worked well for us.  Jack is quite bummed that he didn't make it to 48" this summer. There are so many rides that he wants to do, but can't. We will have to make it a stop when we come back for a visit. 

Loved: Finding good bargains on furniture for the house in SLC. Using their version of Craiglist we were able to secure to leather recliners and a table with four chairs for $175.  We had looked at retail and rental furniture earlier in the trip, so we knew that these were a good bang for our buck.  I think I am good until we figure out how our stuff fits into this house.  I'm nervous about the whole process, but I am sure it will all be fine. 

Here are the pics for the week:
Some pics from the pond

This is purposely designed to be a play area.  Isn't that just horrible?  Who wants to ever step on Legos?  Let alone a pile of them. 

They had a fun scavenger hunt inside of Miniland. It was tricky, but we found them all. Can you find President Business in this picture below?

The waterfall near Waterfall Park

Selfie on the Le Carosel

The good thing about the packed park was that the bumper cars were always operating at max capacity. Jack loved it!

The Steel Hawk at night. 

Jack with his ball cap that he won at WOF. 

Nick working from one of the "new" chairs. 

My sweet puppy

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