Monday, 16 June 2014

A Week in Review (June 8-14)

A Week in Review (June 8-14)

Watched: Her, the movie. The previews had made me so excited for this movie and so when Jack fell asleep at 830 one evening, it seemed perfect. It was so disappointing for me. Nick didn't like it either. I have no idea how it rates so highly on imdb. I think with my two stink bomb choices, I've lost movie picking rights for a while. 

Read: Not much this week. I made a bit of progress on Cress, which is the third installment in the Lunar series I've been reading. I am getting a back log of books that are coming off my hold list at the library though!

Listened: To the sounds of dolphins as we circled around them. Jack thought it was super awesome and asked me to take a pic for him. They didn't turn out great, but it will work for a memory. It also was a sunset cruise so it was a great view.  Nick and Jack started goofing off on our way back and I got fun picture of them.
Made: The crazy trek down to Orange Beach, AL. It is about 900 miles. I thought it would be pretty doable since we routinely drive 600 miles to my mom's. Well those last 300 miles and not knowing the road make a world of difference. We have it scheduled to make the entire trip back on Sunday. It's going to make for a very LONG day. However, we've had an awesome time and it was totally worth it!

Felt: Hilarious as we tried to take a selfie in the ocean. Our final product didn't turn out too bad though.  Later that night we returned to the ocean and went crab hunting. One couple gave Jack a small one that they caught so he would know what to look for. He found a huge one on his own. Super creepy looking up close. He was so proud of himself.

Planned: To spend all of our water time in the ocean. But it turns out there is only so much wave crashing and sand castle building Jack and I can take.  You really see our Midwestern roots because after a good time of ocean, we both enjoy messing around in the resorts pool.  Nick totally doesn't get it. He thinks "We are at the ocean, let's play in the ocean", while Jack and I like to enjoy playing diving games, cannonballing, and practice swimming. These things just don't work well in the ocean water.

Loved: The Gulf Shores Zoo. It was so awesome that it actually gets it's own blog post HERE.  We really aren't zoo people, but you are so close to the animals and can pay extra for the "encounters" that it made it something special. 

Here are the pics for the week:

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