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A Week in Review (June 1-7)

A Week in Review (June 1-7)

Watched: A lot of movies since Jack was out of town. We went and saw Blended, which stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. While it wasn't a bit with critics, I liked it. I think you have to be older to enjoy it as it deals with issues you won't have had a chance to experience when you are younger. We also saw the new Xmen movie. It was okay at best. I kind of feel like they are all the same movie. We rented both Lost Vegas and Monuments Men from redbox. Lost Vegas gave us several laughs, especially since we had just been there. Monuments Men was a real bummer. As a huge fan of "based on a true story", I thought I was going to just love it, but I didn't. It was dreadfully boring. 

Read: I finished up Scarlet.  In this second installment in the Lunar Series, I found myself preferring this noon over the first book because I enjoyed Scarlet's character more than Cinder's. This book really leaves you hanging. I don't feel like the author found a good starting point to introduce us to an entirely new set of characters. I am looking forward to seeing how she intertwines more new character. I also read Necessary  Lies. This was my first novel by Diane Chamberlain and is was such a compelling novel. It takes a look at the Eugenics program that was used in North Carolina until the mid 70's. This book focuses on a new naive social worker and some of the cases she takes on. It is set in the 60's. I loved the afterward in the novel. I think it makes the book all that much more believable.

Listened: I guess this is my post of talk about Vegas. ;) I could say that I listened to a symphony of languages as I sat upon a Duece bus. The mass transportation system works well, but it is not good for people who are in hurry.  I also listened to Nick "ooh and ahh" over the Penn and Teller stuff that was everywhere.  Their show was AMAZING. I would highly recommend anyone seeing it if they were in Vegas. I think if you have to get far away seats, that it wouldn't be as neat. Splurge on the VIP seating and you will not be disappointed.  I also listened to the sound of money going down the drain as I watched one gentleman place out $100 a spin on a roulette wheel and lose 9 times.  I also got to hear the eerie quite of a casino in the Wynn. It exuded money when you were in there. They even had a curving escalator. It was neat to look around, but both Nick and I felt that we should have been dressed nicely for just walking around.  While I was there, I also listened to a voicemail from one of my dear friends. She went in for her 20 week ultrasound and found out she was not just expecting her 4th child, but also her 5th and 6th! It was the biggest shock I got while in Vegas. 

Made: The big decision to get Nick a new vehicle. He has known for a whole that the oil pan gasket needed replaced, which he said was going to be quite the PITA. The air conditioner coil wasn't constantly freezing up on him, so he would have to turn on the heat to melt it so he could have air. It whistled in the truck if you didn't have any air on. The four cylinders couldn't haul the boat we liked. But the icing was that the tranmission started to slip. It took us a while to find something that he wanted to pay a good chunk of money for.  I can't believe how much cars have went up since we bought mine.  He chose a 2012 White Nissan Pathfinder. He had a chance at a 2014, but just didn't like the body style as much.  He looks pretty good driving it. It gets about the same gas mileage as his truck was. :) He is pretty proud of it. 

Felt: Thankfuk that I have a handy husband. He replaced both the struts and shocks on my car for me. Apparently one of my curb checks must have been pretty rough because we also found out that I had a lower ball joint that was broken.  None of these jobs were very easy but he saved us over a $1,000 doing it himself.  I really hope Jack learns to be handy too. 

Planned: To start eating through the freezer so that we can be a little more prepared if we get the call that they won the bid. But....we just ate out every meal. Hopefully we will be better once we get Jack back with us.

Loved: Spending a whole week dating my hubby. It was like we were in college again. Because he took the entire week off of work, and Jack stayed at Grandma Denise's until Sunday, we had so much time just to be together.  Although I must say that we both missed Jack horribly and sometimes wondered what to do with ourselves. Not a problem when our boy is around.

Here are the pics for the week:

Not as much my story to tell, but I loved the fact that Valerie took Jack to an indoor football game so that he could see Isiah Barfield play again. Chewy, which is what we call her fiancĂ© Angel, even ordered him a Bombers shirt!  They waited after the game and got to talk with him again too. It was a pretty special moment for him. 

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