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A Week in Review (March 16-22)

A Week in Review (March 16-22)

Watched: A lot of basketball.  It is March Madness after all.  Everyone's bracket in our house is doing pretty poorly.  Jack has lost his national champion and 3 of his 4 Final Four teams.  We might have to have re-pick after all the Sweet 16 is set to keep him somewhat interested in the outcomes of the games.  My bracket isn't favoring much better though!

Read: I finally made good progress on the Cuckoo's Calling.  I wasn't able to finish it before Sunday morning, so you will have to wait until next week for a review.

Listened: To the end of 
Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend. It did end up being a good book.  The idea of telling a story through an imaginary friend was just ingenious to me. The story has a good plot too. I would recommend it to a wide variety of readers. 

Made: A large to-do list and didn't check much off it!  Do you ever find it so much easier to plan all the things you would like to do rather than actually do them?  One of the things that I need to do is thin down my closet.  I found a good swap site so that I can pick up used clothing on the cheap.  The problem is that I have probably added 10 new tops to my clothes without taking anyway.  When I did a quick glance, I didn't see any that I wanted to get rid of.  I am sure that can't be accurate, but that's what my quick glance says.  I also can't stand these weather changes for getting things done.  I think that is why I love the Spring and Fall because the nice mild weather helps me energized into action.

Felt: Overwhelmed on St Patrick's day.  Because our credit card was part of a third party possible breach, we have been having trouble getting our purchases declined because they are worried about fraud. This is a real pain with Nick attempting to purchase tickets for all his travel.  He tried again Sunday night and when I called in to get that fixed there system was under maintenance. I had to end up calling in just after midnight to get them to resolve the issue.  In the morning, I started looking to book a hotel with a pool so Jack could go swimming. I had told him if we drove without stopping to Alliance, we could get a room there.  Turns out that 2 out of the 3 indoor pools in town are currently under renovations.  That meant I had to end up spending twice what I had planned. (We did have a nice time swimming though).  While making plans, it was noted that the area was under a blizzard warning that could dump between 2-8" depending on whose weather report you looked at. C'mon this is Spring Break!  To top it all off Nick texted at 12:30 to say that the catalytic converter had been cut off his truck while in the work parking lot. My first call to a mechanic netted me the amount between $800-1000. The dealership quoted me the price of $1500!  Luckily, he told me to try a muffler shop, where we were quoted $400. Bad thing is that we had to pay for it all out of pocket.  Apparently no insurance (except ours after a $500 deductible) would cover it.  Needless to say my day felt closer to a Friday the 13th than Monday the 17th!

Planned: To come home to complete done floors, but between smaller pieces which needed a lot of hammering and my husbands crazy work schedule, I came home to completed floors, but all the trim still needing done.  I could see how hard he worked on it and I know that he really burned the candle at both ends getting it done for our family!  I am so lucky to have a handy husband who loves me enough to work hard for me without complaint.

Loved:  That Jack is so blessed with awesome grandparents (and aunts and uncles). I love that they take the time to get to know him. This week, he got super lucky that they chose to show their love of him in gifts. Grandma Denise and Aunt Valerie took him, the cousins, the new cousins, and another kiddo down into Legoland. He chose to finish spending his birthday money from Grandma Denise and Papa Lee and picked out a huge Ninjago set that got him all the Ninjago golden weapons. The next day his last birthday present from Grandma Teri and Poppa Blas arrived-a new Kindle Fire Tablet.  He has, of course, already loaded Minecraft on it. :). He's one happy guy. I am glad that his birthday gifts could be extended until now!

Here are the pics for the week:

The view from the hotel room on Tuesday morning. Luckily the snow was on the lesser range. 

My pretty new floors. 

The Ninja and their golden weapons. 

Jack and his Kindle

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