Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Week in Review (February 16-22)

A Week in Review (February 16-22)

Watched: All of the shows that Downton Abbey has aired. My two week obsession is now down to an episode a week.  It really is a Masterpiece Classic!

Read: I am still working on 12 Years a Slave. It is intense as I thought it would be. I can't read too much of it in one sitting.  I had another book, , come off hold, so I began that as well. Just getting started, but I think it will pull me in quickly. 

Listened: I started the next book in the Sookie series, 
. It works well for listening in the car because the story doesn't take a lot of thought and you can go long stretches without listening and be able to pick it right back up where you left off. 

Made: My very own Bat glider boat that was to be part of our larger family creation.  We have had several Lego Movie inspired building sessions.  I real lack Master Builder skills so I do what I can.

Felt: So excited.  When I was talking with my friend about who should play me in her life story, I chose Drew Barrymore (funny, I know).  Any-who, it made me think that I hadn't seen her in anything in a while.  So I go to see what's up and I find out that her and Adam Sandler have a new movie coming out a the end of May. I am beyond thrilled. The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates are two of my favorite movies!

Planned: On Jack going to his friend Kate's house while Ms. Beth's husband underwent surgery for a deviated septum. He had such a good time playing with her. Her mother is quite nice too. I can see why Jack would enjoy her company!  I think she will be an excellent back up for me for when Beth needs a break.

Loved: Watching Jack apply for his own library card. He had to fill out the whole application on his own. His face was so serious when he signed the responsibility line.  It's very exciting for me that he wants to take his ownership of his own library materials.

Here are the pics for the week:

The top of his application

Jack working with his LEGO pile. 

Our LEGO creations combined. 

I just love the look on Wiggin's face. I think this picture really captures pure joy. Jack was jumping up and down at the end when he made the winning shot. I can't imagine how either him or Wiggins would react if we win a national championship. 

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