Friday, 14 February 2014

A Week in Review (February 9-15)

A Week in Review (February 9-15)

Watched: The Lego Movie with Jack. It is really quite the cute movie. If you have a loved one who is into Legos, then I think you would enjoy it. If you don't, then I say you should pass or definitely wait until it comes out on video.  Bottom line: Everything is awesome! (You'll get it if you watch the movie)

Read: Finished up Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5).  It continued down the same formula that the previous books have followed. I think it's interesting how Sookie sees herself as dowdy, yet every male character wants to be her life partner.  I'm sure I will keep reading on, but there won't be any great rush. The next book in line is . It seems like it is going to be an intense read. 

Listened: To bit and pieces of 
Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5). I'm not alone in the very often, especially when Jack has long breaks from school. 

Made: Lots of fun plans for Jack's long weekend. Unlike the snow day break, we had several activities that we scheduled for each day. It really helps to break up the time when you have places that you need/want to be.  We went to the movies, Chuck E Cheese, out to take good to teachers, etc. 

Felt: So proud of Jack. We've been playing a lot of darts recently and I am always blown away at how good he is at math. However, he usually loses as Nick and I don't really pull punches during games. So I was so proud of him when he finally won a game against us. He wanted to pull the errant dart, but I told him it needed to stay in the board for the pic. You can see it below.

Planned: Another week's worth of meals. While that might not be noteworthy for most people, it's a pretty big deal at our house. We are so bad at just falling back to eating out if I don't layout what is for dinner. I think it helps take the guess work out of it, which makes a big difference. It has also meant that Nick has had to have dinners that he just doesn't love 100%. I'm thankful that he never complains :)

Loved: Going to Jack's Valentines Party. They did a little program before hand. It was very cute. I tried to snap a picture of him in his Love Bug headband, but I didn't get a great one and it cut off the beginning of the song in the video. Alas, I shall survive!

Here are the pics and video for the week:

Jack was obsessed with the long icicles hanging from everyone's house. Luckily Tuesday was perfect conditions for one from our back deck. I broke it off, gave it to him expecting he would spend a while exploring it. Nope too cold!

The winning shot!

The love bug Jack made for a sample for his school party. Everything is stickers so that made it so much easier!  Good thing because I made 20 of them with his class in about 30 minutes!  They were all very proud of them. 

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