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A Week in Review (October 27-November 2)

A Week in Review (October 27-November 2)

Watched: Jack have a great time trick or treating as KU Ninja. His bit plan has been to see his preschool teacher. While we were trick or treating at other houses, he was given Peanut M&M's, and got super excited because he remembered those were her favorite. When he knocked on her door, he proudly presented her with his candy. He was so happy to see her. He also got to stop by Ms. Sally's house and get some pumpkin cupcakes. That was an awesome treat for me too!

Read: Not much. I am so busy trying to keep up with this week's activities that when I finally have a chance to fall asleep, it comes almost immediately.  However, I did finish up Covet.  I picked this book up because I really enjoyed her debut novel, On the Island. The setting is Johnson County, KS where I reside so I frequently found myself wanting to put in various people I knew into the roles. I was expecting a bit more in the way of a climax, but it just told the story of Claire's confusion. I enjoyed the book and will definitely pick up the next book by the author.

Listened: To myself wheeze quite badly. At first, I thought I had croup because that was the only time I had ever heard that rattle. Turns out, I had a pneumonia. And not one that is wanting to go away easily!

Made: It through the perpetration for the school's Halloween party. I had put things off until this weekend never assuming that I would come down with something so horrible. I was proud of myself for pushing through and not letting the kiddos or my fellow teachers down.

Felt: Frustrated with KU's decision to sell out to a network which most cable companies don't carry.  They also made it so you are blacked out from watching the games online. It killed him not to be able to watch the first preseason game. This also effected the KU v TX football game, but luckily his friend offered to let us come over and watch it at his house.

Planned: On just being a normal easy clown for Halloween because it was quick and cheap. However, when I came home with the costume Jack got this idea to make me "Murphy". Now I have no idea where he came up with name or concept, but he had very specific plans for me. He spray painted my hair red (that stained my hair and mucas for days!) and had me where a Chief's jersey. It was fun to see him get so into it.

Loved: That my hubby took very good care of me. I had just enough energy to get through the things that had to be done that I had nothing left to give for things like dinner and dishes. He helped with everything on top of working and doing his PT, both of which keep him quite busy!

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack with his bop bag that I bought him so I could lay and he could get some energy out. It got a hole in it almost immediately, but he still had a lot of fun with it. 

Jack and Nick's pumpkins follow. I didn't ever quite get a pic of mine. 

Here I am getting my red hair

The final product:

Here is a close up of his costume. The blur is the motion of nunchucks. 

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