Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Week in Review (November 3-9)

A Week in Review (November 3-9)

Watched: The horrible acting in Power Rangers Ninja Samurai.  Jack found one of the movies at the library when I was looking for things to entertain him in the afternoons so that I could continue to rest.  He loves it and it is so so so corny.  It is just as bad as I remember being when I watched it with my little brother almost 20 years ago.  I just can't believe that it has the staying power to last that long!

Read:  Again, this week was not good for reading.  I did get about 100 pages into The Spectacular Now.  The narrator reminds me of my brother's college roommate and I am picturing him while reading the story.  I am not sure if this accurate or not, but I will have to just wait and see.

Listened: To the doctor tell me that if this third type of antibiotics didn't work that I was going to end up in the hospital with this pneumonia.  My blood oxygen level was a little low so that was worrying for me and the doctor.  I really do think that this dosage and the new strong inhaler made a difference.  I don't hear myself wheezing nearly so often or as strongly.  I go to the doctor for another check on Monday and I think he will be pleased with my progress.  I am down to coughing once only every 10 to 15 minutes.  From what I have read, the cough can really linger after the rest has passed.

Made: Plans to watch the first KU basketball game over at Nick's friends house.  Jack loves playing with his two boys and it is a more relaxed environment than going to a sports bar.  We will go back the next time they have a Friday night game that isn't available to us. :)  We are thankful that they have opened their home to us.  It has made life so much easier!

Felt: Grateful for a slower week so that I could just rest up and focus on trying to get feeling better!  It was nice to have a lot to do.  I am also glad that if I had to deal with this it was before the start of the Christmas season in which I always seem to go into overdrive. :)

Planned: My school's Christmas party.  I am going to try and get this stuff all done and out of the way so that if something comes up, I am not doing things at the last minute.  I need to delegate out more and earlier so that I am not left stuck with it!  This is an important lesson to remember.

Loved: Watching Jack practice at Karate.  He asked me to stay and be a Parent Helper in his class.  Sensei John runs his class very differently from Sensei Tyler.  I like it better, but Jack seems to prefer Sensei Tyler and so we will go back to his class as long as the it works into his basketball schedule.

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack with his awesome football coaches. From left to right, we have: Coach Brent, Tyler, and Mark. Coach Mark was the head coach and he gave each kid a small speech. I've attempted attaching it. Hopefully it works!  Jack loved all these guys and we are thankful for their hard work!

Jack took a tumble last Saturday and he has needed constant pictures to check it's healing. It was pretty intense, but has healed up nicely :).  He does think that his top two teeth absorbed the concrete when he smacked into it. (Haha)

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