Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Week in Review (November 10-16)

A Week in Review (November 10-16)

Watched: The Jayhawks get their first win in Big 12 play in 3 years.  The students stormed the field and we joined them. It was neat to be out there with them. There weren't very many students so we were able to stay safe. Jack did take off into the crowd and we had to quickly grab him back.  We had some friends with us and it was their first time in Memorial Stadium so it was great that they were able to see a win. 

Read: I finished up The Spectacular NowI was totally enthralled with the story of Sutter. While it took me a few days to get into the meat of the story, I was absorbed once I was there. However, the story just leaves you hanging. I wanted some sort of resolution and it just wasn't there. Of course, I can infer my own ending, but I prefer if the author follows it to conclusion for me. After all my assumption may not be correct. Alas... Not a book I would recommend to others because of the ending.  I was very excited to star We Are Water. I just haven't been sucked into and have found myself filling my night time relaxing with other things than reading. However, I have enjoyed reading The Dumb Bunnies (The Dumb Bunnies, #1)to Jack,. This book was a favorite of my brother's and it's been fun to see Jack enjoy the book too. We also picked up Hi! Fly Guy from the library. It's a cute book that Jack and I both enjoy. We will definitely look for other's in the series. 

Listened: To plenty of people talk smack about the Bronco's. I am so nervous for the game. It will be very intense at our house.  I am really wanting to see them put the smack down. 

Made: Up a fun tailgating atmosphere. Our friends, whose house we've been driving out to for the KU games, were able to make it to the KU v West Virginia game.  While we ran out of propane, we were able to have enough food for everyone. The kids liked all the snack food, so I was glad that I had brought it.

Felt: Like I couldn't just take anymore. During the KU v Duke game, I pulled a muscle during a coughing fit. I thought it might have fractured the rib, but luckily not. Apparently, there is also extreme inflammation area from the infection.  I just don't know how much more I can take. They issued some pain meds to take the edge off. Luckily, by the end of the week, I was feeling much better.

Planned: Jack's Kindergarten Christmas party. I think that they will have a great time. I am so glad I get to share this responsibility with a couple other moms. 

Loved: That I get to be a stay at home mom. Jack is quite fun to be around. He always has something to do. I am glad that he has this one last year of half days for us to be together so much. I can not imagine how much I will look forward to breaks once he is in school full time.  These are the moments I need to remember!

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack had an assignment to camouflage turkey and this is what we came up with. We think he's pretty cute. 

Jack wanted to watch the KU v Duke game so bad, but it started so late. I made the rule that he had to watch it from the couch. He made it through most of the first half. And KU won so it was worth it to have a lack of sleep. 

Jack and Nick head into the crowd. He is the kid on his Dad's shoulders. 

A selfie

Jack enjoys getting to go on the field. 

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