Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week in Review (June 2-June 8)

Week in Review (June 2-June 8)

Watched: Frankenweenie.  And let me say, it was horrible!  It takes a certain kind of Tim Burton movie for me to love it and this just wasn't it. I think Jack thought it was pretty bad too. 

Read:  I wrapped up 
When You Are Engulfed in Flames. It was an odd little book. I think this is better suited for people who have travelled a lot or lived in a major city. Have spent my life in a small town and the suburbs, I didn't find that it resonated with me. I will be sending it media mail to a friend who I think might enjoy it.

Listened: For the sound of ice cream man.  Little else gets Jack as excited as the sound of ice cream man. For a while, he said he was going to be an ice cream man when he grew up. Now he's back to thinking he will be a super hero. 

Made: Two LEGO creations. This is really more something you should see Nick doing with Jack, but since there are directions, I was able to make it through. He has been very proud to show off his car to anyone willing to listen. 

Felt: Grateful that our friends offered to take Jack for the night so that we could watch The Internship together. It was a funny movie, but I wouldn't say that you just had to see it in theaters. Probably fine to wait until it comes out at Redbox. 

Planned: To meet up with a friend at Worlds of Fun. Jack could spin again and again, but his friend didn't take to that idea as well.  They had a good time, but I think that they had a better time playing hide and seek at the Wendy's.

Loved:  This cool weather we have been having. It's been so nice to be outside and not be miserable. It hasn't been good for using the pool passes that we purchased this year, but I'll take it!  Our neighbors put up a pool similar to the one we had last year and they were nice enough to let Jack go in and freeze too!  Warm days will be here soon enough!

Here are the pics for the week: (Sorry--
There's not a whole lot to offer.)

Jack and a friend stand united in their love of Happy Cola gummies.  Nasty!!  You should also note that I think this picture makes my boy look all grown up. 

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