Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Week in Review (April 21-27)

Watched: The Wizard of Oz with Jack. As you may recall, we went to see Oz in the theater and he loved that story. He even got himself an easy reader book that told the story. So I kept wanting him to see the original movie. It's so hard to believe that it was produced in 1939. It's a classic story for sure. He really enjoyed it, but he was quite disturbed that the Ms. Gulch wanted to kill Toto. We also made time to watch the 2006 live action movie of Charlotte's Web. It is a well done movie with several famous people lending their voices. We have been reading the book for quite some time now, so Jack knew the general outline. The end of the movie devastated him. We both had water works flowing.

Read: Have you heard of the children's book, ? I had heard of it and read it before but never appreciated why it was a classic until I read it with Jack. He loves the story. It makes him laugh every time and he enjoys acting it out. So if you haven't read it in a while, pick it up and try it with your children. It's sure to be a hit! In adult literature, I finished up Sing You Home. It was a good story. I felt that it was fairly predictable and I didn't even know what the book was about. If you take issue with gay parenting than you might want to stay away from this book or prepare to have your beliefs challenged.

Listened: To the radio again, I haven't done that in quite a while because I usually have my audiobook on. It was nice, but I'm glad I have a new audiobook to start this upcoming week.

Made: An entirely new to me lesson plan and it was way too much for the students. It's always interesting to see how what you envisioned in your head turns out in the classroom. While I think the students had fun, I had problems fitting it all into our 2.5 hours!

Felt: Pretty thrilled that I have been able to take some garage sale steals that I have and resell them at a profit. It makes going to garage sales all that more thrilling to know that I'm most likely doing it for free with what I can make off my finds.

Planned: To get involved with a new charity, . Their missions really speak to me. I am organizing a book drive among my friends and hope to spend some more time seeing what I can do to help make this charity a success. I hope you will see more about it in upcoming updates.

Loved: My busy Thursday. I took my students on a field trip to a local nursery and then jetted over to Jack's school to accompany them to Deanna Rose. After that, we came home to play some basketball outside. It was then that I noticed that I'd allowed myself to get a bit red. The rest of evening, I played Bunco with my lovely ladies and had a blast, as always!

Here are the pics for the week: Jack's money has been burning a hole in his pocket this week and he has acquired several new toys. He used his birthday money from Grandma Pam to buy the one in the picture, so he wanted to take a picture to send to her. The batman suit was one of my awesome garage sale deals, only $3! Considering we are coming up to a crazy month for me, I thought it was important to remember the real to do list. The rest are from Jack's class filed trip.

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