Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Week in Review (April 7-13)

A Week in Review (April 7-13)

Watched: All the shows that I was behind on my DVR. I had good motivation to get through them when I realized one of my co-workers as watched Days, so we can chat about it over lunch on Tuesday.

Read: I finished up The Light Between Oceans. It was excellent. I was in tears at the end. I really identified with all of Hannah's emotions and actions, even when I knew that they weren't the "right" things to be doing. Tom reminded me of my husband too: a rule follower who would give anything to make me happy and would pay a huge cost so I wouldn't have to pay for my own mistakes. I also loved the way the author wrapped up the story. Excellent novel! Looking forward to more from this author. I began reading. It similar to the movie, but it doesn't work quite as well for me.

Listened: Mostly just listened to Die for You. I only have one more disc left!

Made: Cinnamon Oatmeal Apple in the Crock pot.  It was a total fail!  Jack has played a lot of Fruit Ninja over the weekend trying to unlock the rainbow blade (btw, he was thrilled when he accomplished this mini-goal of his) and so he decided he wanted to slice some real fruit.  I had seen this recipe:  and had bought the stuff so that we could make it.  It didn't come out well at all.  The apples had horrible flavor, the oatmeal didn't cook up fully, and it was just an off flavor.  I will be deleting this from my pins as I don't want anyone else trying it either!

Felt: Slightly crazy at Jack's Fun Fair. It's way too noisy and crowded. I thought we'd get there early and be in and out. Instead, we ended staying over 3 hours. Jack had a great time and Nick survived it, so it was a good time for all.

Planned: To teach Jack 50 sight words by the time school starts in August. His teachers have said it will make his life easier, and since I know he will be beginning speech, I want him to have as much of a leg up as he can. He's already gotten a good start as he knows about 20 of them. 30 only amounts to learning about 2 or 3 a week. Totally manageable for him. I've gotten good ideas from friends and fellow teachers. Now it's just to keep him practicing.

Loved: Celebrating my 34th birthday. Jack made me an awesome card and picked out an ottoman for me to put my feet up and hide some stuff. He got the idea because they use one for Wii stuff at Ms. Beth's.

Our pics of the week are: Jack enjoying the PE portion of Little Lancers night, some birthday pics, pics from his Fun
Fair, and Spring Game pics.

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