Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Week in Review (Feb 3-Feb 9)

A Week in Review (Feb 3-Feb 9)

Watched:  A movie at the theater with Nick!  I am sure that doesn't seem exciting enough to warrant an exclamation mark, but you should know that there are very few occasions that I will pay for a babysitter, plus the high ticket prices.  I thought that the movie Identity Theft looked hilarious and so Nick used some of his gift card money to take us out.  It was a good movie and we each laughed almost the entire way through it.  I would highly recommend to all adult audiences, but don't watch it with your kids (which there were plenty of people doing at the theater) as there are parts I don't think you'd want to explain to your kids!

Read:  I didn't finish either of the paper books that I had started.  I did finish the audio book, but I will tell you more about that next section :)

Listened:  I finished the book, Still Alice.  Sadly, last week, I told you the name of another Alice book that I had recommend to me.  Sometimes when you have all these books in your head, they get mixed up!  I was correct in that I would need the paper copy of the book to help me finish it.  The book was read by the author and while she did an excellent job of writing her characters, her auditory telling of it left something to be desired.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone suffering from Alzheimer's or would be interested in learning more about the the psychological impact of this debilitating disease.  If you do happen to read this, I would love to discuss my feelings about the end with you.

Made:  Jack's Harry Potter themed valentine's. We turned valentine pencils into brooms, put on a small rubbery heart person riding it by rubber-banding their legs together.  Then we made snitches by wrapping up small bouncy balls in gold with red heart foil candy wrappers   We then cut out wing shaped cardstock and I wrote "Valentine, You are a Great Catch" on one side and Jack signed his name on the other.  We then hot glued the ball to the middle.  Then he matched up the snitches to the correct broom riders.  I am sure his classmates will have no idea what it is, but he will and that's what mattered to me!

Felt: Disappointed in our Jayhawks.  They  dropped two more games and just don't seem to have their head in the games. The TCU game was the worse game that I have ever watched as a fan.  I know everyone wants to blame Elijah Johnson, but I think that is an entire team failing and I hope that they can get it corrected shortly.  I can hardly believe the Wildcats will be ranked above us this late in the season.

Planned: On spending 108 hours with a PreK class.  And as any good teacher know that means 216 more hours outside of the classroom and since this is PreK instead of my usual level of Preschool, I will be spending at least 50 hours trying to figure out how to adapt!  This will be a big change for my family, but I felt that these students needed me to commit to them rather than having to go through another teacher change.  I am so thankful that I have the support team around me to help me with this.  I know that I will have to adjust things, but I hope to make sure that things at home don't suffer because of my new commitment.  I just have feeling that Read and Watched categories above will shrink!

Loved: Playing with Jack's made up game, which he titled Harry Potter (surprised, right?), with our whole little family.  It kept growing more complex, but the basic rule was that you had to get your bouncy ball to land on a stair.  The higher the stair, the higher the points.  He also then added blockers (Jiffy blueberry mix that I had bought earlier for some Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies I will be making in the following week).  It was quite a bit of fun and entertained us for hours!

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