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A Week in Review (Feb 10-16)

A Week in Review (Feb 10-16)

Watched:  Catfish,the TV show on Demand.  A friend had asked me if I had watched this and told me about the premise, which is that Nev (the host) helps people who have internet romances finally meet in real life.  The only had three on demand though. It is a pretty interesting show if you have ever done a meet-up with an internet buddy.  I would like to watch the movie that this TV show spawned from which is Nev's own story.  Maybe someday!

Read:  I wrapped up P.S. I Love You.  I was not as big of fan of it as everyone else was. Several of the people I exchange ideas with on Goodreads had this book rated at 5 stars.  I only gave it three.  I felt that the characters were very one dimensional.  I am still working on the The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun. It is due back at the library on the 18th, so I don't think that I will finish it.  My goal is to make it through June.  I have put it back on hold so that I can wrap it up.  It's a good concept, but it doesn't inspire me to read in long snippets.

Made:Listened:  Basically just to my audio book again this week.  I wouldn't have been able to wrap up my book if I hadn't!

Felt:  Proud of my boy.  We had his final preschool conference and found out that he continues to grow in classroom skills.  He got all high marks except for speech.  If you have known me long, then you will know this has been a struggle for Jack.  He has a had time making blends.  Last conference, they thought that they might me able to take him for some informal speech therapy (if he began it formally then he would need to be removed as a peer, which neither the teacher nor I want!); however, the speech path's work increased too much and so she will just be passing her notes to the speech path at his elementary school so that she is aware of his progress.  He will mostly likely have some sort of speech class in Kindergarten.

Planned: A wonderful Valentine's dinner with my hubby.   I recently found out that a local bar as 2 for 1 drinks on Thursday night, so we went there for a little cocktails and appetizers before coming home to a yummy homemade dinner.  Nick grilled us up steaks and Killer Artichokes.  If you like to grill and like artichokes, then these puppies are for you.  They are soooo yummy.  The combination of the shallots and artichokes is just divine.  I have attached a link for the recipe if you are interested.

Loved:  My new paint color.  Nick gave me the gift of repainting our living room and hallways for Christmas.  I repainted them to a color I wasn't crazy about almost 8 years ago, but have been living with it because 1) paint is expensive and 2) there are high ceilings and several doors to trim around.  We aren't quite finished with it.  It is such a major project and we had the Jayhawk game on.  We were lucky because my Mother-in-law was able to take Jack so that we didn't have to worry about entertaining him or having him try to help.

Below are pics from the week. The one of Jack and I was requested to be taken by him while we were screwing around waiting the hour for our food. So just an FYI, if you don't eat the buffet at Beto's cafe, be prepared to wait a long while for your food. Overall it was yummy though!

Next was taken by Jack's teacher. I love the way he looks in this picture. I think it's a combo between the do-rag and his lean that just cracks me up.

Then you have a pic of my valentine cocktail. Pretty, right?

Last is poor Nick on the ladder. Since I had quite the bad experience last time, I'm not allowed up on it. As you can see, that meant he had lot more work to do than me!

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