Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Nice Weekend

We have had a fairly nice weekend here. On Friday, we went to Salina so we could meet some of Nick's co-workers on this project from hell. While Nick was at work, Jack and I enjoyed the pool. It was absolutely beautiful. I tried to get some video of him enjoying it, but it's hard when you are in the water too. I am not sure if turned out well or not. If it did, I will be posting it to youtube soon so that you can enjoy it as well. I did at least capture a few precious pics so I will have to get those onto flickr soon. If we get lucky, I am going to have a great summer because the water play wore Jack out. He took a 2.5 hour nap! Now this was not as great for me b/c I didn't have a laptop to play on, but I was able to get some work stuff and book reading done.

After meeting Nick's co-workers on Friday night, I felt so much better. It was good to see that I wasn't the only wife totally frustrated by the number of hours that their husband is putting in! Nick thinks that it will get better soon and he may only have to work 50 hour weeks. I sure am hoping so.

Saturday, we headed over to Wichita and saw everyone. It was a beautiful day and we were able to keep the door open so Jack could just go in and out as he pleased. He had a good time being the only kid there for a while and getting all his of Grandma's attention. A couple of hours later his cousin's arrived and the mayhem started. Those three are so funny together. They all had a great time enjoying each other. Keegan and Jack really played well together. One of the funniest moments there was is when they were eating goldfish crackers with their Aunt Valerie. Jack would take them from her and feed them to Keegan. I tried to get a photo, but it didn't quite take. It was bust-a-gut funny. What wasn't so funny was the thunderstorm that was on it's way. It took out the second half of the intense Kansas vs Texas basketball game. We got lucky, and were able to dig themselves out of another large hole. I have a feeling the Jayhawks won't go far in the tourney this year because of their propensity to do this, but don't tell Nick I said that.

We drove home and were faced with some beat down rain and hail. It's not 9:30 (granted we've sprung forward so Jack only thinks it's 8:30), but he's still asleep. It's kidna nice being the only one up. The wind is howling outside, so it doesn't look we will be spending much of our day out there. We are lucky in that Nick's dad is going to come and see us for dinner, so that will be nice.

Hope you all are doing well.

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