Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Beer Breaded Out

I have made so many loaves of beer bread that I don't think I can stand to make any more. They ended up being very popular items at the bake sale, so I couldn't deny the school the money making opportunity. I wasn't going to make any more, but my friend Judy put her's back to my instince so we could see if it would sell on Tuesday. So, I made three more loaves for today and she didn't get one of those either. I ended up making three more loves so she could get one of them, but I am done now!

Jack was tuckered out today. He fell asleep in the car on the way home from Mi Ranchito. He hasn't been taking afternoon nap and so he is wanting to crash out and then wake up early. I am not a huge fan of the schedule. I keep thinking we will work on once these darn molars come in. I hear that the eye teeth are just shortly behind so I shouldn't hold my breath.

Nick pulled another 28 hour shift. He came home and got about 2 hours worth of sleep before starting back to work again. He's so tired, but he's hanging around watching the Jayhawks get beat. They keep digging themselves into these big holes. Nick takes it as a personal offense. As if they are playing bad to offend him!

Tomorrow promises to be busy with my reading to daycare children, having a staff meeting, enjoying the beautiful weather, and going to game night at the school!

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