Wednesday, 11 July 2007

What makes up art?

One day, Andrea and I headed down to the Thames river for a trip on the London Eye and then a walk to the Tate Modern Museum.

The view from London Eye was worth ride, but nothing nearly as breath-taking as what we saw in Rome. I suppose the lack of a bright blue sky will do that! Andrea still took a couple neat pictures that I have figure out how to get posted. Now that I am back home, I don't have the luxury of having her post them for me anymore!

Next, we stopped into an Oriental Buffet. We both thought that sounded good and like a change from what we'd been dining on. Well, it was different alright. We each found a couple things that we liked, but the most interesting to me was that they were serving french fries. Good thing though, as that was one of the things I liked!

We strolled on down the river (which was a much better experience than in Rome!) until we reached the Tate Modern. It was an interesting experience to see what others considered art. Both Andrea and I enjoyed only about 25% of the pieces. The rest were more likes pieces of crap. One pieces was two rectangular canvas, one painted blue and the other black, attached slightly to each other. Another was a urinal where the artist simply signed his name to it. Others looked like scribbles that my students could have painted. I was glad we went because it was a free museum and I did get to see some master painters and their works. My favorite was one of Monet's huge painting of Water Lilies.

We then walked across the very neatly designed Millennium Bridge, which is a foot bridge that was designed for the celebration of the year 2000. We then headed home on the tube (which is, of course, the proper way to end a London day) :)

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