Monday, 9 July 2007

Posting Comments

According to Andrea, "Now a couple things about posting comments... You can post comments on each post I write. At the end of each post you will see (in tiny print) “comments”, which you can click to read any comments or post your own. After you click on comments then you’ll be taken to a new screen. On the left you will see any other comments that have been left on this post and on the right a box for you to type in your own comments. After finishing your comment, enter the letters that you see on the screen into the box. Next, sign your comment by signing into your G-mail account, or just select “Other” and then type your name into the box that appears. If you choose “Other” you can just leave the website field blank. Then just click on the orange “Publish” button and your comments will be posted on the blog. If you don’t see them right away, don’t worry. Just give it a minute, or try to refresh your screen after you get back to view the blog (you can do this by pressing the F5 key). I have found that it isn’t the easiest to navigate back to the normal view of the blog after posting a comment, so I usually end up using the back button until I get back to it, and then I use F5 to refresh."

I hope that you will all leave comments :)


Mom said...

I am giving this a try! I like reading the blog. Sounds like you are having one special never to be experienced again time. I am envious but happy for you!!! Love Mom

Nicholas and Kara said...

well done :) i hope to be able to get a call into you tomorrow :) just think, i still have two more days to blog about rome for and then all my time here in london. we are hoping to get some pics up soon.