Wednesday, 11 July 2007

London--My first couple of days

London has been absolutely beautiful. Monday, my first full day here, we spent in the house just catching up. It is pretty difficult to adjust to a six hour time difference! Andrea did take me up to the tube spot to purchase my oyster card, which makes the riding the tube much fasther and chaper, and then we finished walking up Earls Court Rd. This is a fairly residentail area and there were tons of dogs out and about. This is a dog friendly place to be! It started to sprinkle a little and Andrea didn't have anything to cover up with, so we headed back.

The next day we made a trip out to see the Wimbledon. We got off at the wrong tube stop and had to take the long way around the park. However, it was beautiful and almost smelled like you were walking through a garden because of all the flowers blooming along side the road. We were hoping to get in and take a look at the museum which is generally open to the public. However, since they were running their main event, it was closed :( Kinda a bummer after the long tube ride and walk we had. Luckily, they were selling souvieners outside and I was able to purchase a neat tennis shirt for Denise.

We hoped back on the tube and went to the Marble Arch. This is inspired by the great arches in other cities, such as Rome and Paris. When you look through the pictures, this is where the pigeon proofing one was taken. Speaking of pigeons, London has more than you could ever need/want in one location. When Mary Poppins sang about feeding the birds, she had no idea what a horrid idea that would be. Next, we headed into Hyde Park. We stopped and had lunch from one of the booth vendors that have control of the park.

Next we headed up to Piccadilly Circus. This area is in the center of their theather district. It is done up very similarly to Time Square. I wonder which was completed first?

We ended up our day seeing Trafalgar Square. This area was created for Lord Nelson after the Battle of Trafalgar. It has tons of fountains and sculptures, which is always neat for me to see.

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