Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Rome--Day 4

Our final day in Rome, we just took it pretty easy. We met for breakfast at 9:30 and then checked out. We left our bags with the hotel and we went out exploring. I had spotted a "Every thing's a Euro" store and we went down to see what type of things that they would have in their dollar store. Unfortunately they didn't open until 16:00. By the way, everything in Europe is noted with military time.

We then walked up to Villa Borghese. On the way up the steps, I noticed an exhibition to see Da Vinci's inventions in motion. Villa Borghese is a huge park area. From the top of the steps, there was another breath taking view of the city. There were several kiddy rides and places to have fun with the entire family. We decide we would walk to the Borguesse home. We had some good debates on the way there. But of course, that happens when you put three intelligent, opinionated people together :) When we finally arrived at the home, we saw you had to pay an admission fee. We decided we would much rather see the Da Vinci expo instead.

On my way back down the steps, which was soft and worn with age, I learned the valuable lesson that one should not talk and have heated discussion. To into my point, I missed the step and fell down three or four of them. Luckily, not much was hurt besides a few scrapes and my pride. I checked for signs of distress to my little one and have did not notice anything.

Inside the expo was wonderful. He was such a great thinker. It was amazing to see how many of his ideas are still put into use today. It was obvious that Leonardo was passionate about flying.

We spent our remain time, eating some yummy gelato (I got pineapple this time. I think there were even fresh chunks in it), taking pictures of the side streets, and just hanging out. Our ride back was speedy, but not as nearly dangerous as the first. We were waiting for our plane to board and it ended up boarding about 30 minutes late. Then our plane turned its engines off because "Brussels" was giving British Airways a hard time about air space restrictions. Finally, an hour after boarding the plane, we took off. We took the Gatwick Express home. That isn't going to be a fun trip, but it will be worth the cost savings. Luckily, Andrea will get me half way there.

Well that's it from Rome. Look for more on my exciting London trip!

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