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A Week in Review (July 2-8)

A Week in Review (July 2-8)

Watched: Fireworks from the Sky Sox baseball game on July 4th night.  I didn't really think it would be very crowded and so we headed over at the top of the 7th inning.  It was a good thing we got there when we did because we had to drive around several parking lots before finding one that was open.  Then it seemed like it took forever for them to finish up the two innings.  The show was awesome and we did have a really good view of it.  Everyone did a pretty good job with traffic too and we were able to make it back home in pretty decent time.  Next year, the 4th will be quite a bit harder with it being on Wednesday.

Read: I finished up Everything, Everything.  I thought that this was a decent story. It was pretty formulaic and didn't really have any big shocks or reveals innit. However, I was interested to see what would happen to Maddy. It's a very quick read and could make for some lively discussion with the right group of people.  Next, I started The Bell Jar.  This had been on my To-Read shelf for quite some time.  It is set in late 40's/early 50's.  I was able to accurately date the song because the Frank Sinatra song Sunflower was mentioned as being a top hit.  A quick google search revealed that it was released in 1949.  If my Kansas friends haven't heard it before, they should totally give it a listen.  You can hear on YouTube, HERE.  What an intense book. I felt that first half kind of dragged on, but the second half really picked up. This book would have resonated with me in my mid 20's rather than my late 30's. The visual image of depression being like a bell jar that you are trapped really hit home for me. If you want a graphic novel from someone who truly understands the pain of depression, I'd recommend picking this book up. If you are wanting a book that shows you that can overcome depression, pick a different book.  The next book due back at the library is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, so I started that.  I started it on Friday, so I don't have a lot to say about it.  To squeeze all my books in, I really need to get it read in a week.  I hope it's a quick read and I have a review for you next week.

Listened: To Jack, my brother and his friend laugh and squeal with joy and fear as they shot Roman candles at each other.  Jack loves this tradition.  He definitely has more fun with it than he does with any firework you can buy from a stand.  Nora got her fur singed by excitedly trying to catch the "balls".  She also got a little aggressive with my brother trying to get the stick.  We decided she had to stay inside for the rest of the night and she was pretty bummed about that.

Made: Time for a friend.  Even though we trying to cram in a lot of things into our Saturday before Nick left, we had a friend ask if we could help her out by watching her kids for a couple hours.  They had to go running errands with us, but they really enjoy anytime that they can be around Jack.  It was funny running errands as a family of 5 with me envisioning this is what I thought I wanted when we first got married.  I think I could learn to love the chaos!

Felt: Bad about miscommunications with Mom and Lee.  We had invited them to come down for the 4th and watch the fireworks with us.  I knew we would be leaving Alliance just in time to make it home in time to see the shows with them.  Sadly, they thought we were going to be home earlier in the day and drove up to visit us before we home.  I hated that they made the drive only to find an empty house.  Next time, we will be more clear.  Luckily, we were still able to find a time that Jack could go and visit before they left the area again.

Planned: Nick's honey-do list before he left town for the month.  It wasn't anything too intense, but I wanted to make sure we had a lot of that done before he left.  During our almost 16 years of marriage we have fallen into a pretty good routine about who takes care of certain household chores.  It's not that I can't do some of them, it's just that I would rather not.  And some of them it would take me a lot more time to figure out than it does Nick.  It's awesome to have a partner who compliments me so well, but I really do miss him when he leaves.

Loved: Lazy days with my boy.  We didn't have any real plans for the remainder of the week and so we just did it doing nothing.  I mean, really, nothing.  We played games, stayed in our PJs, and just enjoyed each others company.  We hadn't really done anything like that so far this summer and it worked out nicely.  I was looking through the countdown app on my phone and realized that towards the end of the week we hit the point where we had been on summer break longer than we have left of summer break.  Who knows how much will cram into the second half, but I am sure it will be awesome!

Here are the pics for the week:

Tio, in his humorous out for the the 4th.  Happy Birthday 'Merica.

Family photos from the 4th

Jack wanted a picture with Nora on the drive home.

I think Nora was pretty determined not to move from this spot.  He threw the pillow on her and still she laid there, unmoving.  

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