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A Week in Review (April 9-15)

A Week in Review (April 9-15)

Watched: All the Days of our Lives that I got behind on with our vacation and the busy week that followed. I really took advantage of my birthday and didn't do much work that day, so it left plenty of time to try to close that game.

Read: I'm still working on The Rosie Project. I think because I know the outcome I'm not quite as invested in it as I thought I would be.  I really need another book to come off my hold list to inspire to get this one done quicker.  

Listened:  To Jack's wrestling coach recognize for him being an outstanding leader to his teammates. It makes my heart so happy that his name was the one that came to the coaches minds when they thought of someone who shows excellent leadership. I hope the skills he is learning during wrestling and all his sports continue to grow with him throughout his entire life.    

Made: Nick is had to fly for work this week. Sadly, his destination wasn't available from Colorado Springs and we had to make the drive to Denver. Each time I drive through that traffic I think of how grateful I am that we found the Springs as an alternative. I'm sure you would adapt to the traffic, but I just feel my sense tense up every time I drive there. It also made me very glad that Frontier has added several more stops from the Springs. It's such a nicer airport to deal with!

Felt:  So loved on my birthday. The morning started off by Jack presenting me with a homemade card and taking care of all the normal things I do for him in the morning. Then I took a nice long bath before heading off for a short lunch with my friend Katie.  After lunch, I had a massage scheduled. I picked up Jack up from school and we chilled until Nick got home from work. Then they presented me with a clue for a scavenger hunt. Jack was a little upset I got his clues so easily. I'm sure next year they might be tougher.  The boys gave me tickets for us to go see the play Bye Bye Birdie. Next we headed off to football practice.  After football practice we stopped and picked up a cake to celebrate with then it was off to HuHot.  They sent us home with a giant piece of cake. When we pulled up the house I saw another cake waiting for me. My awesome neighbor and friend Kelly thought the boys might forget chocolate so she made sure to get me a cake!  My day also consisted of lots of awesome texts, calls, and Facebook messages.  My mom and step dad got me a new kindle with an awesome case. My brother and his wife got me the newest release from one of my favorite authors, Fredrick Bachman. My friend Mindy scheduled a day to dine out at Tucano's with me on Thursday. A girl just doesn't get much luckier than that!

Planned: On waiting a couple more weeks to find out if we were going to have a new niece or nephew, but Valerie and Angel found out early and decided to share the big news with everyone. Valerie made a cake and then let Macie cut into it. I was sure it was going to be pink, but nope,  it was blue.  We will welcome another nephew to our family in October of 17. 

Loved: That my mom and step dad were able to drive down for Easter weekend. They luckily were able to get here early enough to be able to get Jack from Landsharks practice to football while I was picking Nick up from the airport. After practice we are some pizza and played some cards.  On Saturday, we headed out to Jack's first football game of the season.  Overall it was a good game, but he did make a couple boneheaded plays and coach yelled at him to get off the field towards the end of the game and he could't quite get it back together.  He was pretty upset leaving and so I totally forgot to get a picture with Grandma and Poppa in his uniform.  Luckily, by the time we got home he was doing better.  We played some call-for-your-partner pitch and Jack's favorite Nerf Hide and Seek.  We also cooked an early Easter dinner since Mom and Blas have to leave early-ish on Sunday.  We ended our night with more cards and Nerf hide-and-seek.  

Here are the pics for the week:

Battle Orbz were a hit for our wrestling part

I told him there was a small spatula in the drawer he could cut the cake with.  I couldn't stop laughing when this is what he came up with.

Jack's spring picture

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