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A Week in Review (December 4-10)

A Week in Review (December 4-10)

Watched: The Chiefs vs The Raider on a big delay on Thursday night.  Our wrestling coaches were falling like flies and I convinced Nick that the club need him to help coach.  This meant that we didn't get to start the game until almost two hours late.  It was very hard on Jack to have to go bed when the game was on.  I sent Nora up to bed with him and didn't hear from him again.  When I checked on him a bit later, I found them snuggled up together.  It was just so cute that I had to snap a picture of it.  She is really getting to be a good dog as she becomes slightly less destructive!

Read: Not very much of In a Dark, Dark Wood.  It just isn't catching me and when I go to read it at night, I am falling asleep quite quickly.  My girlfriend is at least twice my place in the book and I need to rectify this situation!  I'd like to finish it this week so that I can give it away at my book club next week.

Listened: To Jack and his classmates laugh uproariously when the saw "boobs" on the sarcophagus of a Mummy in the exhibit at Denver Natural History Museum on their field trip.  We were really nervous that that they were going to have to cancel it due to weather, but luckily it held out!  My group really did a nice job staying together and enjoying the exhibits.  I felt like we could have spent so much more time there.  We didn't even get to see half the exhibits and had to leave others before we ready.  I asked Jack if he thought just the two of us should go back and he said he didn't feel that would be as fun without a group of kids.  We discussed on the bus that they might want to do a spring field trip and I would be so excited for that.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I would get to go again.

Made: Some more delicious goodies for Week 2 of my Christmas treats.  I made homemade peanut brittle using the recipe found HERE and White Chocolate and Peppermint Dipped Sugar Cookies.  I used THIS for inspiration, but really just used my common sense when making them.  People were really split this week and there wasn't a clear favorite among the recipients.

Felt: So proud of Jack!  He wrestled on Sunday as a second year True Beginner in a National Tournament and played so well!  He didn't get one point scored on him the entire tournament.  You can see his first two matches, which were relatively easy for him HERE and HERE.  His last match was definitely a challenging opponent, but he rose to the challenge.  You can see it HERE.  We purchased a shirt for him and we are getting it customized to say First Place on the back.  They wanted $20 to take his picture on a podium and we just weren't paying that, so we just came home and used his Jayhawk stairs to make our own podium!

Planned:  On last week being a bit quieter, but it was just as busy as the other weeks leading up to it, except I was able to get many things done for the house.  During a Tuesday lunch date with my hubby, I think we settled on what Santa will bring our family.  I think he is going to bring us money to use on cruise tickets!  Jack has been talking about it and I think we would all really enjoy ourselves.  He is getting a bit older and will get that half the point of a cruise is just to chill.  I haven't been on one in almost 13 years so I am looking forward to one myself! What a treat it will be!

Loved: Seeing Jack have a blast at the Wilson and Company kid's party.  It was up in Denver in a place called JungleQuest.  They had a rope jump where you jumped off a platform onto a rope and then had to climb up, a zipline (Jack's favorite), four different degrees of difficulty rock walls, a wobbly bridge, a rope bridge, and an extreme swing.  It kind of stunk to leave the house at 7:45am on a Saturday for something besides wrestling, but we had a great time.  Jack even got to sent on Santa's lap and was given a gift.  He didn't love the gift but that provided an awesome opportunity to talk about how we should still be thankful that they gave a gift.

Here are the pics for the week:


Jack and his buddy waiting for the bus to take off

This super creepy monkey that we saw.

Waiting for the Zipline

Don't they look yummy?

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