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A Week in Review (December 11-17)

A Week in Review (December 11-17)

Watched: A lot of faces brighten up this week.  Without any hardship on my part, I was really able to make someone else's day.  One day it was because I had an old computer part.  Proof that sometimes not purging things you don't need can be useful. I was able to deliver a third week of Christmas goodies to people.  On Wednesday, Nick called me needing to bring him a present for a secret gift exchange at his work.  He had apparently missed the gift being on his desk because he spent most of the week in the Denver office and he didn't want to wait another night, so I put together a cute bowl of beer, jerky, and oranges and dropped it off in his car for him to deliver.  Another day, a friend was listing out what she was going to buy her son.  She listed a magic set.  We just happened to have one in the closet that Jack had never opened because it was geared for a younger audience.  It was a perfect fit and she was able to use the funds to buy him something different now.  I saw teachers smile with relief when I sent their kiddos out exhausted to them too.  It was a great week for spreading Christmas cheer.

Read: I am still working on In a Dark, Dark Wood.  For a mystery novel, it really isn't grabbing me or my reading buddy very quickly.  It has a the case of an unreliable narrator, which I feel is kind of becoming over played.

Listened: To a worker at my eye doctors tell me she broke my frame while trying to cut new lenses for them.  She had such a look of terror in her eyes.  Old Kara would have blown up and tried to make a scene.  New Kara was just glad that they offered a replacement and could make my new glasses work in the same day.  She was so thankful that I didn't yell at her.  I really figured it wasn't in her plan to have to deal with trying to comp out a pair of frames and figuring out how to get the lenses to still work.  She did it and no one really commented on my new frames so they must not look all that different.  I am so glad that I have learned to step back before reacting to a situation.  I am also glad that I  have realized that not everything is worth blowing up over.

Made: A super cute door decoration for Jack's teacher.  When I picked up on Monday, I saw that one of the third grade teachers had her door decorated.  I commented to the mom who had done it and she said that she was working on doors for two of the other teachers, as well.  I couldn't have Jack's teacher be left out just because she isn't in the same hallway.  I came home and tried to think of something fun.  I decided to go with a peppermint theme.  So off I went to the dollar store.  While there, I saw that they had really cute treat bags with good sized peppermints on them and my idea was born.  I bought the bags and cut out the peppermint from each side.  I then glued them onto a paper plate that was cut down to size.  After writing each students name on one, I took each peppermint and wrapped in Saran Wrap to give it the wrapper look.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and it looks very cute on the door too!

Felt: So bummed for Jack.  We had a big Saturday planned, we were going to head up to Highlands Ranch and wrestle.  After a great finish, we were going to get to come home and have his friend come visit while his parents attended a company Christmas party.  Instead, he woke up at 3:30 complaining of stomach pain.  I really thought it was just gas pain again.  When I tried to get him to drink something, everything in his stomach came right back out.  I thought maybe it was a sour stomach from something he ate, but on the second go round, I knew we had met with something more sinister.  We had to cancel both wrestling and his friend.  We all just kind of chilled finishing up the latest season of Fool Us, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and some KU basketball.

Planned: On pulling out Jack's chilled water bottle and throwing it in his wrestling bag.  However, water ended up splashing all over my hand.  When I got it all the way out of the fridge, it didn't take me any time to realize why it happened.  The light from the fridge had melted the lid and the bottle!  I couldn't believe it!  When we ordered new ones, we went with the shorter 20oz bottle so that we wouldn't run into the same issue again!

Loved:  All the sweet gifts that I got from my fellow teachers and even a couple students for Christmas.  I was debating on whether to get everyone something small or not, but decided against because if they didn't do it, I thought I might make people uncomfortable.  When it became very obvious that they did do it, I sent everyone an email thanking them for their awesomeness.  I love working at a place where the teachers are kind and the kids all seem to have some much fun.  Even during my busy times outside of work, I am always glad for the joy that work provides.  I think that means I have a pretty great gig!  I also decided to do a small roller ball of lavender essential oil with a fun tag to give them upon return of the New Year.

Here are the pics for the week:

The finished door

Last year she was a present under the tree, now she likes to nap by it instead.

Present for Nick's co-worker exchange


My new frames

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