Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Week in Review (February 21-27)

A Week in Review (February 21-27)

Watched: A good chunk of the series How to Make a Murderer. It really leaves you feeling conflicted about the justice systems. It also makes me thankful that my family never made the wrong side of the law in a small town. If you haven't watched it, I think it's worth the time commitment.

Read:  While The Dinner reads pretty quickly, its hard to say very many good things about it.  Here was my review from Goodreads: Do you want a book where a single character is likable? If so, don't read this book as none of them are. Do you like a book that answers all your questions? If so, don't read this book. Do you wonder what it would be like if two very damaged people attempted to raise a child? If so, read this book.  I also finished up Deadlocked, mostly from my audio book.  It was a very fast listen for me.  I was really hoping that this book would be about Sookie moving on from Eric, as I was sure that they were finished at the end of the last novel. Sadly, they are still together and still can't get on the same page. I can't imagine that she can wrap up so many story lines in one more book. While I think that I would like to know, I can tell that I need to take a break from Sookie and her friends so that I can fully appreciate the ending.

Listened: Since I finished up Deadlocked so quickly, I started on Something Borrowed. It had been sitting on my bookshelf since Olathe and it seemed to fit the light and easy mode I've been going with audiobooks. That is holding up as true, but all the characters are so unlikeable.

Made: Both a new Star Student board and 300 bags of popcorn for Jack's school. While I had help on the popcorn bagging, it is still a lot of work. I wish these two events didn't happen on back to back days.  It's not horrible, it is just a lot of work in one week when others are more empty. :)

Felt: A bit sad that this was Jack's last week of wrestling practice. He has had such a good time and learned a lot of important lessons. It will be weird to have our Monday and Wednesday evenings open again. I hope that all of his hard work pays off at Rookie State on Sunday.

Planned: On just Valerie visiting this weekend, but on Thursday, we got the good news that Mom and Lee would be driving from Vegas too!  I am so glad we live in a space that can easily accommodate a larger number of people. 

Loved: Playing Life with everyone before we went to bed Saturday night. 6 people playing takes quite some time. But we had lots of laughs. In the end, the almost penniless Aunt Valerie, won by calling the number of the Day of Reckoning. :). I feel so thankful that Jack is surrounded by people who love him and are willing to engage on his level to make awesome memories for him. 

Here are the pics for the week:
She sometimes carries around the tennis ball.  You know, just in case. 

Aunt Valerie and Jack's selfie

Papa Lee and Jack playing foxtail

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