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A Week in Review (March 6-12)

A Week in Review (March 6-12)

Watched: The final Downton Abbey episode.  It was a fond farewell from the writers.  There was so much more to be told, but I understand the actors and writers want to move on.  I kind of wish that someone would pick it up and write about their lives in book form.  I know I would buy them!

Read: I finished up Someday, Someday Maybe.  I wasn't a fan of this book.  There wasn't a lot of action, but a lot of self-loathing.  I also don't like books that don't wrap the story lines for you.  The book was cute, but no really substance was to be found.  If you are on the fence about reading it, I say skip it.  I stared The Shock of the Fall next.  I was given it by a fellow reader at Jack's school after giving her a book in November.  It's been sitting on my bedside table since then so I decided to give it a go.  This book was just too out there for me. It is told by an unreliable narrator in a nonsensical order. They kind of cleared up the order issue a bit at the end of the novel and I understand why the narrator was unreliable, but the story didn't have enough substance for me to justify dealing with either of them. One I would only recommend to someone looking for a very specific type of book, not general audiences.  Now, I am doing another buddy read with my friend.  We are reading What Alice Forgot.  I am about 1/3 of the way through and loving it.

Listened: To the sound of rocks splashing in the pond at a park on the prairie. We had two extra kiddos at our house for our Friday off school. I was looking for fun things to do for free around the area and found it. It is about a 25 minute drive from our house, but the Google pictures looked to fun not to give it a try. The kids all had a blast playing on the equipment, in the open spaces, and by the pond. A nice fisherman showed up and let the littlest one in our party use his spare polls. He even was taking request for different types of bait from his tackle box. While we probably won't go often, I can see us making the drive a couple times a year to enjoy the beauty. 

Made: A major purchase on Sunday.  My washer and dryer set were 16 years old and just weren't performing as well as I would enjoy.  Nick knew I had been dreaming of a new one and so he finally went out with me and made me commit to a new pair.  They wanted to charge $30 to haul them away.  I thought that just seemed silly.  So Nick came home and disconnected them and I listed them on Craigslist.  They were gone within the hour.  I probably could have sold them for more than I did because I had so many interested people, but we got a very small bit of cash out of them and didn't have to pay to get rid of them.  My new pair arrived on Wednesday.  I set straight to washing because Monday was my normal wash day, but I didn't own a washer and dryer that day!

Felt: Jilted. Apparently Jack's school picked a "Volunteer of the Year".  Now while I know that a lot of people help the school to run, I know just how much I am up there doing. I was extremely upset when I found out that my name was not listed under the title. It really made me rethink some of the commitments that I might sign on for next year.  I know Jack appreciates how much I do for the school and how much he sees me there, which is what motivates me to keep going.

Planned: On just another run of the mill Wednesday, but instead I spent my day helping my friend with her math homework and then going to Chipotle with her.  I think she saw my truly nerdy side because of how much fun I had challenging my brain in a way that I haven't in a while.

Loved: My whole Saturday.  I took a long shower, got a text that invited Jack to go on an adventure with his friends family which allowed me to have an impromptu date with Nick at a sushi bar downtown, watched the Jayhawks clinch the Big XII championship game, went with Jack to GameStop, came home and yummy omelette for dinner, then watched MythBusters until my boys fell asleep on me.  It was a nice relaxing day in which everyone had a great time.  Can't ask for better days than that!

Here are the pics for the week:

The park on the prairie

Inside the Sushi Bar

Isn't she the cutest?

My boys fast asleep

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