Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Week in Review (December 13-19)

A Week in Review (December 13-19)

Watched: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with all Nick, Jack, the cousins, and Roy Jr. I loved it!  There was such good story build up and it was a very exciting movie.  We already have a $10 bet to see if I am right about the parentage of Rae.  There is even a countdown on my phone to the next movie. It's well over a year away, but the excitement is still there. 

Read: Not much. I just seem to keep choosing other things over my books. I am in the very beginning of The Shock of the Fall, but I can't tell you too much about it. 

Listened: To Jack say that we should have a snow day on Monday night. At that point there was a 35% chance of snow, so I told him to dream on. But what do you know?  He got his wish!  There wasn't a ton of snow, but the cold temperatures and wind made them call it. We even decided to scoop the back deck so that we could play basketball in the snow. We had to settle for horse, but it was still something I had never done before!

Made: An ugly sweater with Jack. His school was having a day to celebrate on Wednesday and we thought it would be fun to get in the action. I came up with the design, but the actual realization was all Jack. 

Felt: Determined to make it to Wichita so I didn't have to unload my stuff for just a quick sleep overnight. We had some great customer service from the Holiday Inn Express South to make it so that we were able to stay in one room our whole trip. It was quite excellent. 

Planned: To get this blog caught up. That didn't happen, but I am trying not to fall behind anymore!

Loved: Getting to see a lot of family in one place. It takes a lot of work for everyone to get together in one location when you are spread out over the United States, but it is worth it to hear the giggles of being together. 

Here are the pics for the week:

My new Christmas decorations from the boys. I didn't have them out them up since we were leaving, but I'll be excited next year. 

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