Monday, 17 August 2015

A Week in Review (August 9-15)

A Week in Review (August 9-15)

Watched: Jack make fast friends with our neighbor. When I came home from an errand on Friday afternoon, the neighbor boy was crying and they were both holding lightsabers. I asked Nick if things were okay and he said they had said yes. When they came in, I asked him if he had gotten hurt. He said no, but was upset because he couldn't sleep at our house and Jack wasn't wanting to sleep at his. When it came time for him to leave Jack changed his mind and decided to sleep over. He had a great time. I am so thankful for a friend who seems a good match for him. 

Read: Because we are getting into more of routine, I hope to resume my regular reading pace.  I knew I needed something that would capture my attention and so I chose a novella with two short stories by Stephen King.  The title story was Blockade Billy with the bonus story Morality.  They were definitely not my favorite Stephen King short stories. I enjoyed the bonus tale, Morality, more than Blockade Billy. I must admit I was a little taken aback by the plot twist in Blockade. It wasn't at all where I thought the story was going to go. If you love baseball or a Stephen King fan, I would recommend them.  If you aren't, then I would take a pass on these two.  Next I began, I Will Always Write Back:  How One Letter Changed Two Lives .  It really captured my attention and I read a little over half in one sitting.  It is an inspiring story how when one person cares, a lot can get done.  I will give a full review next week.

Listened: To the sound of rain and hail beating down all around us. We went out to get new shoes for school and decided to have Chick-fil-a for lunch. When we were there, the sky just opened up. It was amazing.  We decided to make a run for it, hoping it was mostly over, and got stuck on the road in white out rain. We saw some amazing drainage going on. We tried to take a picture for Nick. There isn't much in this week's pictures so you can see it too. Haha

Made: More progress on the house. We are just really left with finishing touches, outside of the craft/crap catching area. It is the only area that kind of overwhelms me when I look at it. I have a feeling I am going to need to do the 15 minutes at a time task just so that I know I don't have to get it all done in one setting. 

Felt: Bummed that Nick already had to be back in Salt Lake and to make matters worse he found out that he will need to be out there, Tuesday through Thursday for several more weeks.  I think it will be easier once Jack is back in school.  It does make the prospect of getting a job a lot less flavorful because our house runs much smoother when I have more time to get all I want done while Jack is gone.  This allows me to just focus on him when he is home.

Planned: On getting a lot of information at Jack's sneak a peek on Thursday.  What we found out was that his teacher isn't quite ready to give up summer.  Her classroom looks like she walked out the last day of school and didn't walk back in until that night.  While I totally understand where she is coming from, I thought she could have faked it better.  She is looping with the majority of her class, so that will be interesting for Jack.  She did take the time to introduce to a family that just lives a couple houses up the road so that will be nice if a friendship develops.  I am hoping I get something before the first day of school, but I won't hold my breath.

Loved: The last days of summer break with my boy. While we did have to adjust to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, we managed to pack in plenty of fun in our day. We went to Chuck E Cheese, went to see the Minions movie (if you are wondering--wait until you can rent it or better yet watch it for free somewhere), and played lots of games together.  I can't believe that next week he will be a 2nd grader!  

Here are the pics for the week:

Look how wide that drainage path is.  

Isn't he so cute???

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