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A Week in Review (March 29-April 4)

A Week in Review (March 29-April 4)

Watched: Jack at his first week of baseball practice. He seemed to have a great time. He is playing machine pitch and the ball comes out around 36mph. He got a hit at his second time at bat, so he did better than I would have! He really seems to be enjoying himself. 

Read: I have fallen into a bit of a reading funk. While I am enjoying the Neil Patrick Harris autobiography, it just doesn't draw me like I am needing. 

Listened: To Jack have a blast with all the Easter activities we did. We had an egg hunt with his classmates. We also went to an indoor swimming pool to have a water egg hunt. And of course we colored eggs. We tried some Wilton's dye and it made some vibrant eggs.
Made: Banana bread to celebrate a sweet 2 year old birthday.  It was the first time
I was able to use my mixer to make it and that made it even more wonderful.  I didn't even have to mash the bananas!  What an awesome appliance. 

Felt: Tricked. For all the jokes I had planned (see below), both Nick and Jack were able to still get me. Jack was so excited for the day that he couldn't sleep.  He came to me just as I was on the verge of waking up and said "Mom, I pooped my pants."  It startled me awake and the he said "April Fool's". I should have been prepared, he had even made two jokes for his teachers. For one we sneakily cut open a Hershey's bar under the back flap and took out the chocolate. Then he put in paper with about the same weight that said April Fool's on it. He did something similar to a stick of gum too.  Nick, on the other hand, didn't pull any tricks on Jack and I thought he was too tired to pull any on me. I should have known better. He had the leader of the construction send an email at around 10 in the evening (which really is when an email like this would come in) saying that although Nick had been trying to pan the trip off on someone else, he was now booked to go to Phoenix on the 8th with an open return date.  Of course, this meant that not only was our vacation ruined, but so was my birthday. I shed a few silent tears before he told me it was a joke. Ahh man, he got me good. 

Planned: A ton of April Fool's jokes for Jack. My favorite was putting gel food coloring up in the faucet of his tub. When he turned it on the water ran pink. It was hilarious. It lasted quite some time. I also put Saran Wrap over the opening of the shampoo bottles in the house. I rubberbanded the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink. I drew a mustache on Jack as he slept hoping he wouldn't notice before he went to school (it didn't work!). I put a note on every door of the house telling them to try another door because I had something going on like wet paint, freshly shampooed carpet.  I was busy!

Loved: Going back to Liberty Park and playing some catch with my boys.  The space is just perfect and it really doesn't allow you to worry about anything else that needs done.  It also fun to teach Jack some ball catching skills. Catching with a glove is a lot different than just catching a ball. 

Here are the pics for the week:

April Fool's 

     Can't tell it's open, can you?

We finally rode the Ferris Wheel at Scheel's. 

Check out the view that came with it. 

Jack and Nick played Rollerball 

I was craving try someplace new to eat so we went to The Bohemian. My quick and sweet summary would be go for the beer and dessert. Leave the overpriced dinner behind.

Our Easter activities

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