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A Week in Review (April 5-11)

A Week in Review (April 5-11)

Watched: Jack open all his Easter Eggs and try to solve the clue to figure out where the Lego set was hidden that he was sure the Easter bunny had left.  He did find it and was very excited to start putting it together. It was a nice relaxing Easter with just the three of us. 

Read:  I finished up Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography. It was a cute story and really informed me about a lot of projects that he had going on that I didn't know about.  It seems like he really is in a good place. It will be interesting to see if his children ever make the tabloids.  Next I started The Death Cure, which is the third book in the Maze Runner series. Hopefully, I read it quickly since it has a wait list at the library and I am overdue.  Paying a few dollar in fines is still cheaper than buying the book!

Listened: To Jack have a blast at Chuck E Cheese and the indoor pool at the Rec center.  Since it was Spring Break, we tried to do something a little fun every day.  We even were able to take a picnic, albeit a little chilly and windy, at a new park with friends.  I love that I am lucky enough to be able to go on these adventures with him.  I hope the memories last a lifetime.

Made: Several stops around town to take pictures with Flat Keegan. It was fun seeing all the places that Jack would take him too. It also made me appreciate some of the different things that we can experience here.  I posted a couple of the pictures below. 

Felt: In awe at the majesty of Bryce Canyon. It made you feel so small in the grand scheme of things. I have seen a lot of red rock, but nothing like that before. The formations were just amazing.  There were really neat lookouts and Sunrise and Sunset Points, which were a short walk too. We walked partially into the valley, but chickened out about walking all the way down after we saw some extremely winded looking people at the halfway mark. It felt like we were far enough down that we didn't miss anything. 

Planned: On seeing more things around the Duck Creek Lake area. But it wasn't the right season. As several of their signs informed me, it was still the Winter season, which runs from November to May. Navajo Lake, where there is supposed to be good fishing, was frozen over. Most things were still closed or inaccessible. We did get to see a lot of wildlife and our cabin was wonderful, but it wasn't exactly what I thought I was getting. It did have limited cell service which reminded me how very different life was before we had them!

Loved: My birthday.  Since I love birthday's, it's hard to not like getting older.  Jack gave me some "yes" minutes to spend.  I used some of them to take a picture with me on the "edge" of Bryce Canyon.  You can see by his face that he wasn't thrilled.  Nick gave me a trip back to KC to play Bunco.  I am so thrilled!!!  There weren't any real bakeries in the area, so Nick and Denise cooked up a clever plan to make me a beefcake.  I had to laugh.  It was an awesome day filled with lots of birthday wishes and love.  Looking forward to another wonderful year!

Here are the pics for the week:

Some of our Easter Celebrations

Pics from Chuck E Cheese

A couple of our Flat Keegan pictures

Look at these old man hands (and his funny old man face!)

A giant rocking chair outside of our lunch stop on the way to Duck Creek Village

Some shots of our cabin. We enjoyed the pool table and dart board a lot. Jack, of course, invented his own game for the pool table. 

Frozen Navajo Lake

Bryce Canyon
A panoramic taken with Nick's phone

Several shots from my camera

My birthday "beef" cake

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