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A Week in Review (Mar 30-Apr 5)

A Week in Review (Mar 30-Apr 5)

Watched: Gravity with Nick on Saturday night. It's not very often that we have Jack down to bed and enough energy left to watch an entire movie. Since Jack was gone for the weekend, I decided to rent us a movie. Not one either Nick or I would recommend. Some cool special effects, but that's about it.

Read: I finished up Sarah's Key.  Maybe it was because such an eclectic group of my Goodreads friends had rated this so highly that I was expecting too much from this. I was really let down by the whole story. While it is a tragic story, I felt it was very bland. Nothing to exciting or shocking. Not a book I would recommend unless someone was asking for a book that met some very specific requirements.  I had both Panic and come off my library hold list. I began with Panic. It doesn't seem like it will take me long as long as I get quickly hooked on the story. 

Listened: The best thing about  to parts of  Sarah's Key  on audiobook was having all the French pronounced correctly. While reading them I butchered them with my English take on the word.  It's clear that I don't know much about the French language. 

Made: Jack some dessert of strawberries and sugar. They were some of the biggest strawberries I had ever seen. He thought it was just hilarious to be munching into something so huge. It reminded him of one of his favorite books, .

Felt: Excited for the weekend.  Nick had purchased us tickets to War Horse as a Christmas present to me.  Denise agreed to keep Jack for the whole weekend so we could just enjoy more time together. Thursday, Rachel called saying that she and Q were going to be in KC for a short trip and would take Jack home with them on Friday. Jack was very excited for one-on-one time with his cousin.  So Friday afternoon, we headed out for an early dinner and drinks. Neither of us had any idea of what the play would be about. Nick thought it would be something like The Horse Whisperer and I thought it would be about the Trojan horse.  Turns out we were both wrong. It is about a boy and his love for his horse. I had a hard time getting past the people moving the animals.  My minds eye just couldn't make them disappear. However, I must say that did a superb job of three people working together to accurately imitate the movement of a horse. The pony phase of the horse was super freaky to me and of course that happened at the beginning of the play. I have included one of the theaters images below. Remember that none of the people you see are in the show.  Their only function is move the horse around the stage.  I did enjoy the overall story line and have added the movie to my watch list. On Saturday, we spent the day having a lazy afternoon, followed by Nick working on the finishing touches for the floor and me researching some different methods to achieve a good look. The trim piece was just about 4 inches short and so we had to pause until Sunday to see if we could get another piece in at the store. 

Planned: A great April Fool's trick. While cooking, I dropped some red food coloring on my hand and ran outside hooting and hollering for Jack to help me. Jack hates the sight of blood so it was pretty funny. When I revealed the April fool, he said "Ahh Mom, you got me good."  I also fooled several people via Facebook and text. It was a simple bit of fun that left me stained pink the next day. 

Loved: Being at home with my hubby this week. Since he has started traveling, we had plenty of places that took us away from each other.  It was good to just spend every night with my leg draped over him. Sometimes it's the little things.

Here are the pics for the week:

My April Fool's prank

Jack's Red Ripe Strawberry

The pony for War Horse. Again. None of those people are playing a part except to move the horse.

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