Monday, 2 December 2013

A Week in Review (November 24-30)

A Week in Review (November 24-30)

Watched: Jack battle it out with cousins playing Bey Blades. They put in some foam cubes Valerie had shown me from the dollar store and those were getting flung out with power of the tops. I am so glad that we live close enough to each other that they get to see one another on a regular basis. It is fun watching them grow up together.

Read: Even though I am now paying library fines on We Are Water (hey, it's way cheaper than buying the book!), I paused it so I could read the book The Girl You Left Behind that I got on limited loan. This book is by JoJo Moyes, who wrote , which I reviewed in March. My book club selected it and I am enjoying it so far. It has a historical fiction feel, which I was not expecting. 

Listened: To Nick talk me into spending the money on the new tree that I really wanted. I didn't realize how expensive fake trees had gotten.  We even had a chance to get up, but not decorated and I am so happy he convinced me to spend the money!

Made: A video of snippets from one of Jack's flag football games. It's my own personal version of a Hidden Picture. See if you can spot Jack in every play. You will know it's a new play because you here the whistle at the end. You can watch it HERE.

Felt: Excited. I was able to do almost all my shopping online and only have a few things left to buy for Christmas and all the late Novemember and December birthdays we know. 

Planned: On watching KU beat KSU in freezing cold weather. However, the weather turned out to be decent and KU didn't get the victory. We also were lucky enough to have Aunt Valerie, Uncle Chewy, Uncle Chewy's dad and brother-in-law join us for the game. Despite only seeing the Jayhawks win a handful of times over the recent years, I know that we will be back cheering them on next fall too!

Loved: That Jack has came over to loving the Broncos. It is so nice to have two if us in the house since Nick has practically the whole neighborhood on his side. What I loved even more this week is that Aunt Valerie took the time to make Jack beanie with the Bronco logo on it. I think it made him feel pretty special.

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack in his Broncos Beanie. Doesn't he look just fabulous?

Jack and his Uncle Chewy watch the game. I just love how the back of their outfits say KU Jayhawks. 

This looks totally safe, right?  Don't fear, we only drove this way for 1.5 miles. 

On the left side, you see Jack attempting what he said was probably not a good idea. On the right side, you see it worked though. However, upon his attempt to hang another candy that way, he ended up on the ground. He wasn't to upset by the fall since I think he knew it was inevitable. 

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