Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Week in Review (December 15-21)

A Week in Review (December 15-21)

Watched: Jack do a little Christmas performance. He hasn't really done anything like this before and I could tell that he was pretty shy. It's not the greatest video, but you can watch it HERE

Read: I finally finished up We Are WaterIt took me 5 weeks to read this book. That is incredibly long for me. Unlike the rest of the author's books, I wasn't hooked almost immediately. The book really picked up for me just a little over half way into it. There are some chapters that I would have preferred not to read, as they took me to a place that I generally try to stay away from. If you are a Wally Lamb fan, I'd highly recommend it. If you are a person looking to discover the way we are threaded together, I'd recommend it to you too. Hopefully you'll be speedier than me! I started a new book Hopeless (Hopeless, #1). I am not even sure how it got on my holds list. Hopefully it's something I enjoy. 

Listened: To Jack talk his Grandma's ear off.  They have such an awesome relationship. I am so blessed that Jack has so many awesome grandparents who take the time to make relationships with him. 

Made: A yummy blueberry cobbler.  In THIS post, I mention the delicious and so easy apple cobbler, I found for our Fall Fun Day. Since I love blueberries, I thought I would try substituting blueberry pie filling for the apples. I did and it tasted great. The one drawback was that the blueberries were not heavy enough to support the topping and so it fell into the goop making it not the prettiest dessert. 

Felt: That we are unbelievably unlucky when it comes to illness this year. We almost never get sick and this year seem to be getting everything!  Sunday I came down with a stomach virus that wouldn't allow me to keep anything on my stomach. It was coming in one end or out the other. Wednesday, Jack came down with a milder version. At least it passed for him in about 10 hours, but it's left his stomach feeling crampy. Poor thing!

Planned: On wonderful dinners for hosting when my mom and stepdad and here for Christmas. I am looking forward to making food for the crowd.  Let's hope the winter weather doesn't impact my dinner plans to see the lights at Longview Lake!

Loved: That my mom and stepdad were able to travel down here. With all the time Nick had to take off with his knee, he didn't really have the vacation time that is necessary for the 600 mile journey. Our house may be small, but it will be filled with an extra helping of love this season.

Here are the pics for the week:

My cute little Rudolph hamming it up before his song. 

This is Jack's teacher. We decorated her as a tree and each of the kids got to hang an ornament on her. She was a good sport it. The kids had a lot of fun. 

Here is her card and gift basket. I made the card by cutting out each students handprint.  We collected money for gift cards for her. She is a great teacher and I hope she enjoyed her gift. 

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