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A Week in Review (October 6-12)

 A Week in Review (October 6-12)

Watched: Jack have fun with his class on their field trip to the Fire and Police Stations and on Career Day.  The fire truck had it's 100 foot ladder up and I think that was Jack's favorite thing. My favorite thing was the excellent tip the fire fighter told them for kids who have windows to tall to jump out of. He asks that you should take your stuffed animals or blankets and throw them out your window so that when the firefighter does a quick look around your house, they will realize a kid is up there. Great idea!  For career day, Jack dresses up a football player.  He wanted to go as KU player and we had to talk about how they can't be a career because you can't make money. 

Read: I finished up 
Secret DaughterI was hoping that this would take me some place unexpected, but it just fizzled toward the end. I really wanted to like it more than I did. I think had she just let us read Asha's letter in the end or her article from the Times, I could have connected more with story.  My next book is going to be The Aviator's Wife.  It was recommend to me by a friend who also enjoys historical fiction novels, so I am excited about it. 

Listened: I started a new audiobook called 
A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe It or Not!" Ripley. I haven't been alone in the car very much, but I think I am going to enjoy leaning how Ripley's Believe It or Not came to be. 

Made: Pumpkin French Toast. It's a yummy recipe that I found on Pinterest. It is simple to make, but so yummy with maple syrup.  Perfect if you are wanting pumpkin pie but it's breakfast. You whisk 3/4 cup pure pumpkin, 1/2 cup milk, 3 eggs, and 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice together. Cook up and serve normally. We don't use butter, just sryup. Yummy!

Felt: Bad that Nick caught the cold. Luckily he is a great sleeper so he went to bed early both nights and got about 12 hours of sleep a night, which seemed to help him kick it. He went off to Guy's Weekend after that so I'm hoping it was gone and he doesn't share it with them. 

Planned: My Christmas Letter. I couldn't sleep one morning and so I went searching for clever ways to do my annual letter. I'm pretty excited as I think it will be fun. Can't say too much until after it's delivered, but I'll make sure to post a copy of the final product.

Loved: Going to the pumpkin patch with  Jack. He has been with his class for the last two years and just knew he had to go again. It's always pretty calm in the afternoons, but you don't get as much time in. Jack could have stayed for another couple of hours at least. However, we did get to do new things like the Corn Maze and picking out the big (expensive) pumpkins to bring home. :)

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack listening to the motorcycle cop tell about the equipment he uses when he works. 

Jack celebrating Crazy Hair for selling his entertainment books. I think he had more fun washing it out because it looked like blood was everywhere!

Football player Jack. And in case you want his autograph, he's been working on that too. He knows by all the ones he's gotten that you aren't supposed to be able to read it and it's just supposed to be scribbles. Haha

A picture from the pumpkin patch

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