Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jack's First Day of Preschool

This is my boy on his first day of school.He was sleeping so hard he had zipper lines marked on his face.  Normally my entering the room is enough to wake him, but not today. It took a lot of gentle shaking to get him to wake up. Oh and if you notice he is sleeping on the floor that is also quite normal for him. He prefers the floor to the bed. I've tried to convince him otherwise, but the floor wins!

Jack's teacher's name is Ms. Anita's.
 He was never really excited about going, but he never complained either. He was, of course, decked out in his new Star Wars shirt and a pair of Jedi shorts. We got seated in the gym and met another Jayhawk fan and his family. We introduced the boys, but they didn't seem to excited as I think they were both just absorbing their surroundings.

When it was time to go, they all had to grab a magic mitten to help them get down to their room. Not a single kid cried at drop off! 
When I picked him up, Ms. Anita reported that he had had a great day and he was so cute. Jack was glad to report that Ms. Anita said she liked Star Wars and so everything was grand.
 I am so glad that I had years of teaching preschool so I felt better prepared to ask him the questions that got me answers about his day. In many conversations, he told me that they read a book that was also a song which was about Oceans. (You wouldn't know it Mom, he told me) He also got to paint with CeCe. He painted lightsabers and Darth Vader's lightsaber holder. CeCe drew a race car driver. He was a little upset because he didn't get to use his own paintsmock though. I'll have to ask the teacher about that. He also had milk for snack, but he couldn't remember what he had to go with it. He told me he didn't drink any of the milk, but Ms. Anita had encouraged him to try it so he did. He also said he got to play outside where one girl cried. It was because two kids were playing race car and ran their eyes into each other. The girl cried, but the boy didn't. He also packed up his backpack with Ms. Kim, one of the paras in the class, and he was proud to show me his communication folder.
We celebrated his great first day by eating Chickfila and stopping by Sweet Perfection for a cupcake. :D

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