Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pumpkins 2 and 3

Pumpkin Painting with a toddler is a joyous and messy process. He had a great time selecting each color, placing just where he wanted it, twisting the pumpkin so that he covered all the areas. He got plenty of paint on Nick. I took the clean spot--taking photos! Nick ended up putting clear spray on the final product so that we could leave it outside in the rain. He is really proud of it. He is a little confused why it doesn't come off in his fingers when he touches it now. Funny stuff!

Tonight we carved out our pumpkin. As I expected, Jack wasn't too much into touching the pulp and seeds. He did do much better than I thought and didn't cry or whine when we forced it upon him. He did do what he could to get it off him as quickly as possible though. He was most fascinated with the knife. It is so nice to have those safety knives. He and Nick did plenty of carving off of the lid, while I got a good start on the insides. Nick finished up the detail work and then we settled on the pattern of a baseball and bat with his name beside it. The final U was Nick's touch, but I am sure that doesn't surprise any of you.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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