Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pumpkin 1

Since Jack is getting a little more crafty and capable we are going to decorate three pumpkins this year. This first one was a blast! I found Mr. Potato Head Pirate Parts at Target. I thought Jack would really enjoy putting them on. We quickly found it was way too tough to stick the parts in. It was hard for an adult to do. So he instructed us on the placement and we did the pushing in. The only one he cared about the correct placement was the hat. He's into hats right now and so he was sure it had to go on top. We had to trim off the stem to make it fit, but it was easy enough.

Once we had finished (or so I thought) he got out his markers and started coloring on it. Well, I couldn't bear the thought of those beign washed away by our seemingly constant October rain so I let him have the permanent markers. He had a blast. He was so intent on the placement and how he had to make his marks that it was just fabulous to watch.

I love the final work. I am so proud to have it sitting on my front steps!

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