Saturday, 1 August 2009


I am so excited to be done with my conference and all my summer camps. It is a huge relief to be done with all of that.

Jack is really hitting is stride. He is coming into own and become more helpful than a handful. This week we have been running around getting everything ready for this conference and my summer camp. He would always take small items to help me out and would entertain himself pretty well while I was running around.

He has also began a new fascination with blocks. He loves to bang, sort them, and build with them. I will try to take a few new pics of him when he gets going. I have been glad to have see him entertained while I was doing work this week.

I have a week to catch up on house work before my focus returns to school. Nick is spending a half week in Denver again. He is liking his work, but it would be nice if he were closer to home. His bosses are taking notice of his hard work, so it will help him continue his career up the path that he desires.

I will try and get some pictures posted soon.

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