Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Mother's Musings

When Sandra Bonyton wrote "A bear and hare have been to the fair." Did she do it just to prove how messed up the English language structure can be?

How is it in a room full of toys that a kid can be most entertained by a ball and fish net?

Why does saying a word over and over again make it sound so silly? Elmo has made me realize how weird that can be.

How can I toddler love something one minute and two minutes later think it is repulsive?

Isn't it nice that sometimes all you need is a kiss to make things better?

Why would you bring your kid into a restaurant if you know that they weren't feeling well? Then why wouldn't you alert the people when your kid threw up in the booth?

Why is it that parents try to explore the cause to crying when they were nowhere around during the incident, even though there were posted signs children must be supervised? Do you really think that 10 four and five-year-olds are going to be able to explain what happened when you can't help them all?

Did you ever notice that 15 minutes of a tantrum last as long as 3 joyous hours of playing outside?

When is it that we stop noticing and taking joy all the little things like train whistles, birds chirping, and butterflies floating by?

Why is it in the middle of a long day I forget how blessed I am that I was given this challenge?

How did I get so lucky?

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