Saturday, 2 May 2009

A Perfect Saturday

Sometimes I wish I had a blackberry so I could write a blog about all the cute things Jack does in a day. Then the day gets crazy and I can't remember all that I was going to tell you about. Isn't that they way it goes?

Today was wonderful. Jack and I left the house bright and early to go to garage sales (which were a total bust), so that Nick could sleep in. When we were on our way home, Nick texted to say that he was finally up and moving. He was watching some southern lady cooking steaks with her kid. This apparently inspired him to want to make steaks with his kid.

Since it was in the 60's with little wind, it made for a beautiful day to be outside. The boys went to the store to get the goodies without me. I was able to stay home and lay in the quiet and then enjoy a nice shower by myself. I even had time to make sure that my legs were shaved good and not the hap hazard attempt they usually get as Jack is playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain!

After our delicious meal, we headed down to the water for some fishing. We didn't catch anything or even get a bite, but Jack did get to work on his rock tossing. His Gram taught him this during our trip in March and he's been a big fan ever since. He's really gotten a bit more of an arm. We also went swinging on the swingset provided by the park. He smiled so big with each high push.

Unfortunatley all this fun made him miss his nap, so he was a bit cranky. I brought him home and Nick went to take back our movie. He actually felt well rested enough to tackle our home improvement project of fixing our deck stairs. While he was at the supply store, our happy little man woke up a grouchy one! All he wanted to was snuggle and be near Mom. Nothing else was cutting it. It was a bit trying of a couple hours, but he finally calmed down and we are able to play farm for a bit before he settled into bed.

Nick got the back stairs done and they even ended up being considerably cheaper than he had estimated for. So now, he is out returning the extra supplies and picking up more supplies for projects tomorrow. Jack is sleeping sweetly upstairs and I am having a chance to blog. Hope all is well in your world.

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