Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Irresitable Power of Raspberries

I wanted to share my observation of the simple power of raspberries. From the time Jack's belly was big enough to get one, I've loved giving him raspberries and watching his face light up with a grin. Now on our snuggle mornings, he loves to return the favor. His huge body movements as he prepares to blow are hysterical. He is also learning that the more slobber he has, the better the result will be. It is just amazing to me that something so simple can bring us so much joy!

Not much in other news here. We're are just staying busy with our standard schedules. Nick and the neighbor guys built our shed. I must say that I am very thankful he recruited their help. It took the three of them almost 3 1/2 hours of constant work to get it together. That is on top of the time we spent building the frame pieces and the time they spent unloading/hauling rock to level the base! Now once he has the time, he'll be able to hang the doors and we can load it up. It will be nice to have the garage cleaner and more organized!

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