Monday, 27 April 2009

Three more weeks until school is out

Where has the year went? It really seems to fly by as I get older. Having Jack has only magnified that. I suppose Nick being gone the majority of the year has added to it to. I can't stress how thankful I will feel when this project is over and we can attempt to return to some sort of a routine in our lives. I never feel like I know what I am going to get.

Last Wednesday, Nick came home in enough time so that we could plant our patio garden. Jack had a good time helping dig in the dirt. He is still into exploring things with his mouth and he decided that dirt didn't taste all that nice although he tried it more than once. With Jack doing so much of the helping with the plants, we are trying to take an organic approach to them this year. We will see how that holds up. I want him to be a part of it, and so we will work to see what works for our family.

The weekend before we went to Wichita so that Jack could go the circus with his Grandma and Papa and two cousins. He came down with a bad cold on the Tuesday before hand, but at his 15 month check the doctor determined it wasn't contagious. I think his Aunt Rachel and cousins would beg to differ. I think the boys had a blast, but I feel awful that we shared his cruddies with them. Jack ended the trip by feeding his Grandma some banana cream pie. I have some wonderful pics that I posted over on flickr.

We had quite the hot spell the last couple of days and so we have been playing outside like crazy and Jack is turning into quite the beach headed blonde. I am surprised how quickly it is changing. It will be amazing to see what color it is after the summer. We didn't get to see it last summer as he hardly had any hair. If anyone makes a trip to visit, we have several fun places that we can show you. We are looking forward to making a trip to Deanna Rose again soon. This week it appears that we will be getting rain so it wouldn't be to enjoyable, but hopefully soon. I am trying to plan us a summer full of busy activities.

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