Monday, 13 April 2009

Busy Times

We are staying busy here. I couldn't believe it had been so long since I updated the blog. It didn't feel like very long, but it's probably that old age creeping up on me! As you all know, I turned 30 this past weekend. It was actually a great birthday. I hope that I can take 40 as gracefully. It's hard to believe I am closer to 40 than to 20. But I did have one great student tell me that I was going to be a long time before I was old, so that was quite nice.

My family came down from Alliance and Lincoln to see me. We had a good time playing cards and catching up. My great accomplishment was that I managed to beat Kyle on the Wii Fitness part of Wii Sports two out of three times. Nothing like keeping up with the spring chicken. Jack loved having everyone here. It meant constant attention and entertainment. My mom got him a singing bunny for Easter. It totally freaks him out and yet he has an odd attraction to it. Could it mean that he is going to love horror movies? He was also quite entertained by the box my color laser printer came in. We've decided to keep it around another week or so that he can enjoy it a little longer. After that, I make take it to preschool so that my morning class can have a go at it.

There isn't much new going on in Jack's world. He may be getting a cold or his bottom teeth could be making their surge. I am hoping for teeth as I would love to see these suckers crack through. They've been harassing him for almost 5 months now!!! I really hope it's not a cold as we would like to go Wichita so that Nick can see the circus and Mom and Dad could take a break. I am not sure that I am ready to go a whole weekend, but a day/night could be nice with Nick. We haven't really had time to discuss exactly what our plans are.

Nick dedicated himself to spending all weekend with us. He didn't take a work call or email the entire time I was with him. (I went shopping with my mom for a couple hours on my birthday, and can't be sure of what he did then!) Unfortunately, he is really paying for it today and looks to have to work a 16 hour day. Tuesday's are usually his worst day, so who knows what he has in store. We are looking for a good vacation spot because our original plans fell through. If you know of any good, relatively inexpensive ideas, let us know!

I uploaded some new pics and vids. Enjoy!


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