Monday, 15 May 2017

A Week in Review (May 7-13)

A Week in Review (May 7-13)

Watched: Jack come alive as he gave his presentation on The Pathfinders of Colorado Springs. I think you can really see how well he knew the material and how long he'd spent working on it. The principal even stopped by his exhibit and he spoke to her for several minutes on his topic. I followed them back to their classroom and watched his presentation to his classmates.  I recorded and you can watch it HERE if you desire.

Read:  I finished up Secrets of a Charmed Life.  I enjoyed this story about choices. How much we can grieve for the choices we wish we had made or for the ones we did. The book draws you in almost immediately and the story unfolds in a timely manner. If you are a fan of World War II fiction, I'd say it was worth adding to your list.  Next, I started The Underground Railroad.  It's a little heavy to read of all the atrocities that were inflicted upon the slaves.

Listened: To Jack deliver a stunning performance of his cups and balls magic trick during his school-wide talent show. He was very relaxed and had great stage presence.  Nick recorded and you can see it HERE. He was only the second act so they were still working out the lighting which you can see during his act, but he just rolled with it. 

Made: Jack try a new board game. During lunch on Saturday, we started talking about different games and we brought up Settlers of Catan which we used to play with our good friends, the Normans. Jack didn't think that it sounded like all that entertaining of a game, but he LOVES it. We played three times just the first night. That's really saying a lot since the game takes between an hour and a hour and half. If you happen to make a solo trip to our house, don't be surprised if he asks you to play. 

Felt: Surprised by Jack. We sat out and hour lightening delay and then braved the cold drizzle dressed in clothes for the weather it was when we left the house (which was 70 and sunny) to await his Landsharks race. When it came time for his event, he just kind of jogged around the track. He was about 10 seconds slower than his first race. He said he "just got stuck". I guess we are all entitled to off days. Hopefully he brings it for his last race of the season which is on Mother's Day. 

Planned:  Travel to Kansas City with Nick when he goes back for a meeting in the beginning of June. I figure since the gas and hotel are already covered it keeps the costs done. We won't be there super long, but it will be nice to see a few friends. I wish there were more days so that we could see everyone we miss!

Loved: That Jack's coach took the time to honor the mom's of the team for Mother's Day. They gave each mom a rose and had us hold hands with the team during the coin toss. It was really sweet. It's hard to believe that our season is already over. The last practice was beautiful weather and the coach ended some practice letting them play a little 4 on 4 football with the coaches being the QB's. Jack had a blast. Nora will miss practices as we often let her play chase after the park had cleared out. 

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