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A Week in Review (May 21-27)

A Week in Review (May 21-27)

Watched: Jack walk into school on his last day of 3rd grade. I spent a lot of time at school that day helping his teacher pack up here classroom so she can head to 4th grade!  We are crossing our fingers that we get her.  After I was done, I lined up his first day photo with his last day photo and the difference is just so shocking to me. You can see the nervousness written all over his face in the first picture, but in the last day, he looks so confident (and so much older!). I decided to take all his Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third and make them all a collage. It's kind of amazing to watch him grow up in pictures taken all about the same time.

Read:  I finished up A Fall of Marigolds on Sunday morning.  This is an excellent story that really drew me in from the beginning. I liked the dual story lines set 100 years apart. I liked the mix of historical fiction, love story, and mystery. If you are looking for an easy read to cleanse your palate from something too deep, this is a great choice.  I decided to start Plainsong next because I had an audiobook for it.  I'm just not a fan of Kent Haruf's novels. They just seem like a gossip column for a small town in Colorado. I was excited to have the book The Fact of a Body come off my holds list. I just barely had time to start it, but it seems like it's going to be very thought provoking.  With our summer schedule, I just don't read as often, so I doubt I will have a review next week.

Listened:  To Jack moan and groan when Nick picked out another new game for us to play.  This one is called Hero Quest.  It was one of Nick's favorites as a kid and my brother really enjoyed playing it with us over his summers that he visited.  Needless to say, Jack loved it!  We have played four quests and the first took them three times of playing to really figure out a good order and how to work together.  I am sure by the end of the summer, we will have completed the quest book!

Made: Some sprucing up to a ladybug that my mom had bought me years ago. I had stumbled upon my bag of acrylic pain and realized that I had every color to give her a new paint job. It was a pretty quick fix and a drastic change. I'll smile even more now when I walk by her on my steps. 

Felt: Like I took the cheater way out for my end-of-year gift for my secret teacher. I have been trying to decide what to get her and was just coming up short. I know she loves Hobby Lobby. I just couldn't give her a gift card, so I found a cute little clip frame that held it up. It turned out decent and she liked it, which is good. 

Planned: On having dinner with my mom on Sunday, but with the way it all worked out, we decided to skip it to reduce the airport stress. So we took our travel time and fixed the holes Nora had dug in the backyard. Last week I had tried just filling them in with dirt, but she was super attracted to the dirt. So, we decided to lay sod down over the holes.  It's working for now at keeping her away from them.  I had also planted a new set for the container that had been sitting empty since we moved in. 

Loved: That Jack got to play with his best "Colorado Springs" friends.  It cracks me up on how he has to differentiate them.  They have such a good time being together.  With the end of all of Jack's sports and us not having a lot of appointments outside of them, they were able to hang out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I am so thankful for the close relationships that he has formed.

Here are the pics for the week:

It makes me so happy each time I walk by it!

Isn't it quite the difference?


Hero Quest begins

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