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A Week in Review (January 5-11)

A Week in Review (January 5-11)

Watched: Jack's first basketball game.  It was hilarious. He looked nothing like the kid at practice.  There was lots of side line coaching from parents that drove Nick nuts.  I do think that there was just too much for the kids on the court.  Hopefully we see an improvement next week!  

Read: I finished up Never Let Me GoSo it is clear to me that the Man Booker panelists would not have the same taste in literature. This is my second attempt at either a winner or a finalist. Neither were books that I enjoyed. While I thought this book had a good premise, I kept waiting for it to take me somewhere that it never did. I'm surprised that this was made into a movie and one that rates so well with internet reviewers. Maybe they added in a bit more... Guess I'll have to add it to my To-Watch list and see.  Next, I am starting on Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2). It is the same story line as Hopeless (Hopeless, #1), only told from a different point of view. 

Listened: To a bit of an audio book again. I was only able to finish because of the pages I was able to mark off driving too and from work this week. 

Made: More new Pinterest recipes.  One was for a ham and cheese baked sandwich.  It was a miss at our house. The second one was a corn dip and it was a big winner with the poker crowd.  Simple and yummy. I can see it being a go to dip for me!  I made it by mixing a half packet of ranch dressing mix with a 1/2 cup of each sour cream and mayo. Next, I added in two 12oz cans of Fiesta Corn (corn with bell peppers in it). Lastly, I added in about a cup of shredded sharp cheese.  If you wanted to spice it up you could easily add something liked pepper, green chiles, or diced jalapeños.

Felt: Excited to actually do well at poker. My friend, Stacy, invited me out to her neighborhood gathering. Usually I just go, eat some good snacks, and play for a bit until my luck runs dry. However, this time I managed to make it into the top 3. I should have gotten 2nd at least, but one guy had all luck and beat me with worse pocket card twice in a row.  But that's the nature of the beast.

Planned: Out various activities leading up to Jack's birthday next Wednesday. So much to do so little time. I thought about writing my to-do list here, but then I decided that no one would really about the details. Just know that next week's post will be birthday heavy!

Loved: That my husband volunteered to take Jack to karate practice on his own on Thursday. Generally, we do this together and have some time to talk. However, after working all week, it felt so nice just to veg for a couple hours. I am even more in awe of full time working moms!  Not sure how you ladies get it all done, but you rock it!

Here are the pics for the week:
A funny photo from Nick's Christmas party. Funny because this was last call for the drink tickets and Nick had somehow managed to double his number of tickets. You will notice that he was generous enough to share. Secondly, I guess someone lied to the kid in the middle. It was business casual and someone told him it was totally casual. I guess this was funnier because he normally dresses to the 9's at work. And lastly, that chick just snuck herself in the photo in the last minute. It was kind of funny too. All were much better than the play that was showing!  Thank goodness for the good food!

The next two are of Jack's game.  When I was clapping I managed to turn on some funky filter. And, of course, those would be my two best shots. He played the point (or what they have of it) often that game, which you see in the first shot. I like the 2nd shot because it's him getting back on D. 

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