Monday, 14 January 2013

A New Blogging Style?

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought that I might be able to follow through with it.  They suggested for using it for the current week, but I am changing it up so you get a week in review.  I am telling myself that I will try to be very free association with it, but not sure I will be able to to do that.

So here it is:

A Week in Review (Jan 6th through the 12th)

Watched: About 15 Days of Our Lives.  I know, it was a little crazy, but for some reason I just had to get back on track.

Read:  Finished up Bright Young Things (Bright Young Things, #1) by Anna Godbersen and started Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman by Sam Wasson

Listened: Mostly Pandora Radio.  I wanted some upbeat music for my first day back to work and I couldn't figure out why my station was playing such slow songs.  Turned out it hadn't gotten switched to my sleep station.  Made much more sense after I bit of investigation.

Made: 50 Superhero Cookies for Jack's party.  After he realizing how yummy Grandma Teri's sugar cookies are, he requested them for his party.  It was quite the challenge since I had managed to avoid rolling any cookies in my baking life!  But I prevailed and the kids enjoyed them.  I think the packaging helped make them much cuter!

Felt: Sad that my Donkeys lost in their first playoff game.  I was glad that my brother was here to watch it with me so I had another fan to commiserate with.

Planned: The majority of Jack's party games.  I think that all the kids had a great time and what I planned as an obstacle course turned into a free for all.  Jack's favorite game that we played was Follow Flash.  Basically, everyone just had to copy the leader and everyone got to be Flash with a mask.

Loved: Celebrating my boys birthday in such a grand style!

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