Tuesday, 9 October 2012


At preschool last week, Jack made a cool firefly. They put a glow stick in each one and Jack loved them. We had to go out to the dollar store to buy us our own stash. Tonight, he found one of the LED tea lights that I had bought for Halloween and wanted to use it to light up. Problem: It didn't fit in the opening. So he realized that it fit decently againist the bottom. Problem: If you weren't always holding it, the light wouldn't work. So we decided to cut a whole in the bottom. Problem: It's really hard to cut a hole in the bottom of a water bottle that has stuff taped to it. However, we persevered and got t attached. The effect was pretty awesome. So we took one picture with no flash and then we took a picture with the flash one. The first couple were not so good, so I said put on your nice smile and snapped away. We ended up with the picture you see here. In laughed so hard, I just couldn't get rid of it. Hope you enjoy it too!

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