Saturday, 30 June 2012

Things change

It's amazing how much we fear change as adults and yet how much we change we expect our children to deal with. I knew that Jack would one day learn to deal with having head covered with water, but I never expected it to come so easily for him. Just weeks ago, he would freak out at the thought of getting his whole head wet while now he loves to dive underwater and swim. While at Oceans of Fun yesterday, he was so liberated to be able to take off his puddle jumper and do the kiddie area free from worry. We even explored the the beginning of coconut cove without it, but it got a bit deep for his above water swimming skills. He was also able to embrace the formerly terrible mushroom waterfall. While I have no pictures of Jack in one, I've included a web picture for your reference. We were also able to do his first tube slide together which he loved, but didn't like waiting in line for. He also tried the Lilly Pads, which worked out well because another little guy, his age and height went at the same time, so they each had a parent assisting.

In conclusion, remember that things change. Something you fear may not be as bad as you remember.

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