Friday, 29 June 2012


I love attempting to explain things to Jack. I try to be honest and explain things to him in a way that he can handle. For instance, I found myself discussing uterus and birthing canals when I was asked how I was able to have two people in my body.

As we were driving home yesterday, Jack tells me that he wants to marry his dad. I explain to him that he is not allowed to marry a boy, but that I hoped that would change before he could get married. However, even I'd that did change you couldn't marry someone you are related too. This brought on interesting conversations about the fact that you should be able to marry whomever you love and that he thought he could get married at 9. So then, I had to explain that being married means that you are starting your own family and that you have to take care of your own needs by going to work. He absorbs it all and says "Okay, I'll marry Ms. Beth. That way I can live with Joe."

I hope that one day my sweet boy is able to marry someone who makes him happy and delights in his quirks!

The photo below is from my brother's wedding that happened this May.

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